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Off-topic / New guy saying hi
« on: November 10, 2014, 01:56:21 AM »
Hi.  I kinda hate making threads, because I feel like I make lackluster OPs, but I feel like making an introduction thread, so... whatever. :p  As you can see, my online name of choice is Amaterasu, or Ammy for short.  There's not much to say about me, other than I'm a guy who plays video games.  I tried doing Let's Plays for about a week, and then realized it took up more time than I would like right now, so I just made my videos private.  It's something I'd like to try again later, however.

Anyway, as for my experience with Touhou Puppet Play, I've played 1.8 Enhanced up until Johto, and then just kinda called it quits.  So yeah, not much experience, but I enjoyed it, although I don't know much about Touhou (just started playing EoSD recently).  I'm more of a Pokemon fan (even played competitively on cartridge for a bit with some friends).  Speaking of which, I hope to give competitive Touhoumon a try, although my lack of knowledge of the puppets' types/weaknesses/movesets (especially compared to regular Pokemon, where it's way too damn high) and my lack of confidence probably won't help.

So yeah, I guess if anyone wants to know anything specific about me, then ask.  Now that I'm actually typing this, I'm not sure how active I'll be here (somewhat inactive community (at least from a very brief glance) aside), but... I dunno. :p  I guess I felt like I should have an account here if I'm going to play competitive, for some reason...  Yeah, I think weirdly.  And I just am weird in general.

...That was a terrible ending paragraph, but oh well. :p

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