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Hi everyone ,

As the title says I've just finished the main game's storyline and would have liked to know what I should be doing before starting Shards of Dreams ; I did venture out a bit more and have done a few "post game" things ( mainly just challenged some Touhou characters once more ) but I really haven't been trying to get back all HMs or catch all puppets just yet ( my run was a blind one so I am sure I may have missed some items or events , even ).
I also noticed how the difficulty level spiked up once more , thus putting me in quite some troubles against foes like the game's "elite 4" .
Any tips about how I should be building my puppets or about team compositions ? I've cleared the game by using the very 6 puppets I found and while I did catch many other ones I didn't have the chance to try them out just yet.

What would you suggest ?

Thank you in advance.

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