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Fan-made hacks / 東方人形劇覚醒 | Touhoumon Kakusei
« on: May 04, 2014, 10:31:44 AM »


Base ROM: Fire Red (U)
Name: Touhoumon Kakusei ("Touhou Puppet Play: Awakening")
Language: English (Italian Patch will also be available though)
Current Team: ~ Řme. (founder, spriter, mapper), Vin_Prismriver (coordinator, storyboarder, game designer), Archer Greywolf (soundtrack)

And thus, we decided to start our own project, not only because we thought the "chanonical one" (Touhoumon Another World, which is a translation of Touhou Gensokyo Scenario) wasn't completely satisfactory, but because we give it our personal touch. We dreamed to exploring the whole magical region, and live an incredible adventure deep in the Japanese culture: and now, onto our project itself.


Gensokyo, a hidden land divided from our world through a magical barrier, is suddenly invaded by tons of mysterious animted little dolls the inhabitans decide to call "Bonéka": no one knows where do they come from, nor who could have created them. Ordinarily, it is the shrine maiden of Hakurei's job to prevent and solve these kinds of incidents, but she is mysteriously missing. Could that be that there is a second dreadful aim ordered by a powerful villain? Some of the youkai of this magical land begin to question themselves after their powers diseappear, while other instinctively try to befriend these strange creatures.

The main characters had died long time before the arrival of the Bonékas, but they now have a chance to ressurect by solving the mystery behind this incident... or else they will fall into the dephts of hell. Could it be that they just mind the person they treasured in their past life could reach a bad end instead?


- A whole region to explore, Gensokyo (Gensou = illusion, Kyo = land), where no technology nor administration exists. Everything, besides a village and few shrines is at the natural state, filled with youkai (unusual creatures like demons or monsters) of any sorta.
- 386 Bonékas to catch, train and evolve.
These are based not only to the original characters of the PC-98, but from the new games too, like Hopeless Masquerade and Double Dealing Character.
- Original storyline, completely detaching from the chanonical Pokémon aspects.
- Old and new characters from the Touhou Project (have you ever heard of Mima?)
- Quest system in order to obtain more useful Key Items.
- Awesome soundtrack made of Touhou Project tracks remixed with the aid of the Fire Red Soundfonts.
Listen to this little sample below:

Bits of artwork:


she's actually the villain, lol

It would be an awesome game to make, if we only had a good scripter. Both me and my mate aren't really into that, so we are in a kind of dead point. Still, we have organized all the informations so far and we are inserting the bonéka into the rom, along with stats and moves. We are also experimenting on tilesets.

If there anyone who's into scripting willing to help, please PM me. You can also give me suggestions, or request informations, without entering the team or such. Is there anythung you didn't like of the original Touhoumon? You need to know the meaning of life' Just PM without shame.

Ok have a nice day~

Shoddy Touhoumon Info/Discussion / Shoddy Touhoumon Sprites
« on: May 01, 2014, 09:30:30 PM »
Hi, sorry if I just pop here like this, but is here a way to extract the Puppet sprites from the jar file?
Thanks in advance.

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