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Creative Conundrum / Where I can get puppet sprites?
« on: May 29, 2014, 03:08:15 PM »
Hi, long time no entering here, I figured I can't solve the problem of the new type so I'm decided to work on a 1.8x-like hack and after starting the hack process you may want to see a little thing, nothing important but I finally know how to replace types: [Screen]
Basically you may waited more of me but right, I need the puppet sprites so...

How do you get all the puppets sprites? (All characters from HRtP to DDC). This is the question I have now, so once I solve it I'll start the puppet replacement and share a demo, while I wait I'll do other things here and there by the way.

Creative Conundrum / Starting to write the story...
« on: April 14, 2014, 04:47:24 AM »
I figured that I shouldn't fill this section with questions, instead I decided to share the story and some data.
I didn't start with the hack yet due to the hex problems, but I'll ask it somewhere else.
Right, all is in spoilers if you don't want to see something.
I thought about the plot and features of my hack, I decided to name it...
Touhoumon: Dark Gensokyo.

Now the story before you ask about the name :3
Some time ago Gensokyo was peaceful as always, but momentarily in the sky some sort of dark patterns appeared. Later, someone discovered that a dimensional area that our very known girls called "Dark Gensokyo" appeared, so they took with Yukari in order to request to the Ghostly Club girls of the outside world help once again.
About puppets origin, it's still unknown but it's said that someone is creating them in Dark Gensokyo and bringing them to Gensokyo, turning again from spell system to puppet battles.

The story may be not a great thing yet but things in Kanto will change as well as I progress on it the plot will be more complete....
I talked previously about features but I want to re-organize them and tell you what's different...
  • Starters: I figured that it may be boring put sanae, alice and reisen as selectable so in this time I decided to put Koishi, Nue and Flandre in their place.
  • Music changes: I intend to add the original TH songs instead of vocal remixes, because it seems to be harder than I know...
  • 1.8x types and split system: You know, I think...
  • Light-type: A extra type, important in the game's plot, explanation about it on the next spoiler.
  • Thinking about bonus evolutions: If you played A. Sanae games you may saw some half dressed BNs, in this hack I'll may try to design some sprites if possible to characters based on some arts I saw, not all puppets will have these special evolutions though.

About the Light-type
My hack will relate an incident of a war of dark & light but since the faith is not enough for the puppets to deal with the darkness our heroes decided to implement light-type to them, which resulted pretty effective, it also is weak against sinister power (dark), thing that the heroes didn't foresee.
It's holy power designed to fight and keep out D.G. puppets and invasors. But there's a major problem, the habitants of D.G. created ultimate puppet that are able to manipulate light, now they use them as an alternate way to be protected by their own magic.

The light-type holds the following weaknesses and resistances:
W: Dark, Ghost, (Dream?).
R: Faith, Reason, Miasma.

Finally, moves...
Not all of them will be replaced with a whole bunch of spell cards, only a few...
Moves expl. and card examples...
    More or less like PP Emerald: P = Power | A = Accuracy | PP = Power Points | R/ = Ranged | M/ = Melee | SC/ = Stat. Changes | C/ = Conditional move, "Fake Out" will be (R/C) as an example. | SP/ = Causes a status problem/ailment | O/ = Misc. moves used for strategy like detect and HealPrayer...
    • Fantasy S. (Light) - "R/Attacks with holy sphered to deal damage." P: 100 - A: 85 - PP:5
    • Demarcation (Dark) - "R/Rumia's spell used to deal average DMG." P: 85 - A: 90 - PP:10
    • PoaHP (Nature) - "R/Koishi's spell that works at once, allowing user to avoid attacks." P: 160 - A:75 - PP:1 - Cloaking effect works for two or three turns enabling the user to avoid attacks, cannot be used again in battle even if you recharge PP.
    • Master SPK - "R/A wide and tremendous power that decreases Sp.Atk or Speed." P 150 - A:90 - PP:5.
That's enough of info guys, I still want of help so if you're interested on help me please comment...[/list]

Right, I think this may be the last question so I won't bother you with a lot of them.

This is one of the highest doubts I have, the other things to replace and add seems to be too easy (I'm editing text with A-Text and it's pretty easy to use :)).

My doubt is about adding the new type for my hack (light), modify W/R (weakness & resistances) and replace all the original types (Normal, Fight, Poison, ...) by the 1.8x PP types (Illusn., Dream, Miasma, ...).

  • How do you add a new puppet type?: Hmm, I'm asking it again but I got confused about Hex usage and edition (tell me what I need to replace there, Hex edition is something hard to deal with), consider I want to add only the light-type :3.
  • Replace actual types?: My hack will be a 1.8x gen PP and if this need Hex knowledge explain me what I need to replace.
  • When I should apply the type split patch?: I believe I need to apply it after replacing types, or before replacing types and adding the new one?.
Oh yes, I use HxD as my hex editor. If I reach to edit credits I'll put you there!.

Creative Conundrum / Starting to hack, needing some help
« on: April 01, 2014, 05:58:32 PM »
Days ago I said that I want to do my own Touhoumon but featured (no competition with others intended), I'm needing of some help for creating a great hack with your help, I'll put the forum on the credits for thank everyone that helped me on progressing.

Right, I'm now starting to extract the sprites of the japanese game Touhoumon and I want to know if I'm doing the sprite ripping well, here I screen of what I'm doing now:
As you can see I'm extracting all puppets sprites, I'm doing this well or I need to do some other things? later, how I can put them on the FR ROM?. I'm also going to replace the items and puppets menu pokeballs by miko orbs as well.

Also I have some shorter questions:
  • How do I can add this DPSS system?: Yeah, I'm going to add this system (the type split system).
  • Replacing type names and colors?: I want to replace the puppets/moves names like other games, you know (Fight>Dream, Poison>Miasma, etc.) and changing the colors of these type icons.
  • Editing texts?: I don't want to left any pokémon reference on a dialog or something.
  • Edit move names, effects, etc.?: Some originality should be on my project, for that like in AW/WL there are some character spell moves like Superego or HellsTokamak, so I'm going to replace/add some moves by spells and main character weapons.

That are all my doubts for now, some more may appear later but now focused on this :3. Thanks for the help---

Creative Conundrum / I want to do my own Touhoumon 1.8x but how...?
« on: March 21, 2014, 02:11:35 AM »
Oh yes, a great dream that I had is do a Touhoumon game, but more complete than some other games.
Indeed, I want to do my own full-featured hack of 1.8x series but the only thing I know about PKMN hacking is edit item names and their descriptions but nothing about what's called "re-point", replace the sprites, music, edit worlds and areas, etc.
So, I think that I must find some tutorials related to the hacking tools that I have and do my best, or help me with something.
Some features that I have on mind are:
  • All the characters from HRtP to DDC. I'll may exclude fan characters because I don't like them.
  • Some Touhou themes, enough to replace all original PKMN ones.
  • I think I should add Gensokyo as well but I need to be creative on the history I think.
  • Sevii Islands: I like the events of the place and how the island designs looks, so I'll keep this one.
  • The move/puppets types of 1.8x series but I need to know which ones are specials and non-specials.
  • Playable characters: like most of the THmon editions Renko and Mary.
  • Well, I'm out of ideas so you can comment something.
Another problem is the high-school, it may keep me busy, inactive in internet and as well on my hacking introduction and practice, that's all.

ROM Hacks + General Discussion / Some questions about PP Emerald
« on: March 21, 2014, 12:35:31 AM »
Oh yes, I'm getting started in this forum, most likely I'll be asking but if possible or if I have an idea contribute. Alright, I'll ask about Puppet Play Emerald:

  • The project is in development yet? I'm checking often the website but nothing new :(
  • What are these letters P/ and S/ that are at the beggining of the moves descriptions?.
  • Which types are SP.ATK and ATK? I must know about that, I have only a little idea of some specials and physical/normal attacks. I believe this is the same for the PP Enhanced right?

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