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Movesets / Speed Lily Black
« on: June 17, 2012, 09:13:40 PM »


Hp – 60 /Atk-50/Def-100/Spd-100/SpAtk110/SpDef-60

Ability – Speed Boost
Type - Dark/Flying


The black bringer of spring has arrived.
While her stats aren’t particularly impressive, Speed Boost and Nasty Plot are very strong tools to give a beating to any opponent that allows you to set, up its type combination of dark and Flying give to her resistance to both Earth and Ghost type attacks allowing safe switch in against some popular threats, while allows her to hit Beast, Reason, Dream and Nature hard. However the low SpDef and Double Weakness to Steel can make her life spam short also being weak to Faith, Ice, Heart, Wind doesn’t make any favor to her.

Nasty Plot Set

-Nasty Plot
- Dark Pulse
-Shadow Ball/Binding Voice
-Gale/Giga Drain/Detect
- Item – Lum Berry/Leftovers/type boost item
- Nature – Modest/Timid
EVs - SPD 252, SpAtk 252, Hp 4

The most basic and straight forward set of SLB set up one or two plots and sweep away just be aware of ghost and faith types switching in a (immune)Resisted dark pulse or failing to OHKO any strong special attacker. Dark pulse being STAB and having a chance of flinching is the standard move, a Shadow Ball and Binding voice are for the pesky ghost and Faith Types that might come in and revenge kill her,  the third move is a free slot that can be used by gale Stab Priority, or Giga drain for added health. The item choice is mostly a personal choice and depends between Status resistance or added Survival. Also can use Selfdestruct , toxic and Perish song as support moves.


Tojiko, SYorihime, the Youmu line are good counters since they can Switch in Dark Pulse freely and kill a SE move like thunderbolt, Sonicboom and the like, also Yumemi behind a Sub is not something you want to be facing since it will score a kill with Ice Beam however a nom protected one is fair game, be aware that Ayas are faster and can be a good way to counter your attempts to set up. If your team needs a Special attacker don’t forgot to consider Speed Lily Black as an Option.

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