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Touhou Puppet Dance Performance / TPDP Wiki Logo Contest
« on: December 11, 2015, 05:51:40 AM »
So who's ready for a contest? I love contests! WOOOOOOO YEEEEAAAAHHHhhhhhlet's just get it over with

The tippydippy wiki has been seeing some nice advancements lately, with the english patch boosting views by a significant margin, we have:

  • Made a cool, neato-keen front page courtesy of Derxwna
  • Moved over several templates and streamlined the look and feel of the wiki
  • Transferred the entire thing over to a more dedicated shared hosting account, with less limits on space, transfer and even includes cloudflare support
  • and even got a fancy domain name (* to go long with it.

The only thing we truly missed out on was the inability to pick a .tips TLD and thus had to miss out on making the domain name ',' but despite that, with hemo's expansion on the horizon and the english patch team on the ready (I hope) we can expect to see even more traffic than ever and the wiki will enjoy some great success over the coming year or two.

So why don't we go the extra mile and make a more fitting logo that isn't just a generic sprite rip?

The logo that wins this contest will sit in the top left corner of every page on the wiki and be seen by hundreds of thousands of people over the coming year, so make it a special one! It needs to be at most 135x135 size and should use alpha transparency. It should also not be larger than 25KB or bad things will happen (specifically to you.) There are little laws otherwise in which you can make the logo, so long as it's relevant to TPDP in an obvious way; feel free to even use assets from the game if you feel the need to since we're already doing so. Once you've finished, upload it somewhere such as imgur or minus and post a link or embed it into your post here and at the end, me, Agastya and maybe a few others will weigh on what's been done and we will choose the great and honorable winner that will have it's shame put on display for years to come.

That's not all though! If you win, not only does your work get displayed on every page of the wiki, but you also get:

  • A special mention on a 'contributions' page on the Wiki
  • A special forum rank on the forums
  • An image of a delicious looking cookie in your forum inbox

The contest will end on December 24th and we will take anywhere between one week to one minute to decide the winner. Any entries submitted after the 24th will not be accepted. That's all I have to say on the matter though so get to that arting stuff you guys are so good at!

Off-topic / So.
« on: December 02, 2015, 09:28:32 AM »
How's it going?

What'd I miss?

I've been alive, just not here because I kind of forgot this place existed.

Was debating on whether or not I should play tippydippy but Agastya started liveblogging it so it's uncool now.

Hey, let's play some dice. :rolldice:

As you may have noticed, the shoddy server has been on and off very frequently. This is because the machine it is hosted on is reaching the end of it's life. I haven't yet determined what could be the problem and if I could, I might be able to skimp by on minimal costs and solve the problem myself, but it would be both easier and more beneficial to just replace the whole thing and start from scratch. The machine upgrade will improve performance globally and things like battles and the find function will not hang and go by slightly faster. Most importantly, uptime will be dramatically increased as Shoddy will not be on a machine that's about to hit the end of it's lifespan. Disconnections may still happen in the future as my internet isn't of the highest quality, but there will be significantly less of them occuring due to the machine just going kaput.

This is what components the new machine will have, roughly. They are, of course, subject to change in the future, depending on various factors. I am open to suggestions for component replacements and I may shop around again when I have enough money to actually get what I need. I'm mainly looking for longevity; the actual server software I host on this machine, which includes shoddy and a few other applications, don't use a whole lot of CPU, and of course, it being a server machine, things like graphics, audio, and other multimedia stuff is unnecessary. A combination of a steady CPU with a decent amount of RAM (I made sure I got an extra large amount for what I'm running on the off chance there's a leak) should be enough to keep the software running nice and smooth, and the case and power supply will keep the hardware cool and running in good condition.

So here's the biggest problem; I'm poor. I have no money. Any money I want needs to go to more important things, like food and shelter, and of course the internet to keep this whole show running. Preferably, I would like a commercially hosted machine to host shoddy and everything else on, but that is such an extreme amount of money that I would never be able to sustain, it is precisely the reason why I've hosted the server in my own home. I've done my part, made my maintenance, now is the time to upgrade and get better. This is where the rest of you come in. If thirty people donated ten bucks towards this goal, I would immediately be done and ordering the parts right now. And that would be more than what I would need at the moment; As you can see from the image, sales right now push the price below $250. If I end up going over, I'll probably pocket the difference, but I will be checking the donated amount twice a day and updating this topic with the current donated amount so you guys will always know what kind of progress we're seeing.

If you want to feel special, I can dole out some rewards for people who donate money towards this cause. Include your username together with any donation of $5 or more and I'll set your forum rank to something that will reflect your donation status. (Something like "Shoddy Server Donor") Donors of $10 or more can include a short message to use as an entirely custom rank altogether. Note that your forum rank is different from your custom message or anything like that, and it will also not affect any forum privileges that you have (provided I'm good at SMF). I haven't thought about rewards for higher amounts but let me tell you, the more money you send, the more grateful I will be. Maybe later on down the line I'll think of something interesting or fun.

I can't think of anything else to post here for the time being but if I've forgotten something, then please do tell me.

You can donate towards the cause here.

I'll post donation drive updates later when some progress has gotten going. Remember; any little bit helps.

Current Donation Amount: $263.83! All done! I hate donation fees...

Shoddy Touhoumon Info/Discussion / April Fool's
« on: April 01, 2015, 05:46:44 PM »
I wanted to come up with an elaborate april fool's prank to play on shoddy but I never ended up coming up with one.

The end result is that, due to my inaction, April Fool's Day has come and I have nothing prepared.

Be thankful I never decided to go along with the plan of giving Ruukoto 5/255/5/255/5/5 stats and saying she became possessed by her dark last word counterpart.

Touhou Puppet Dance Performance / Sprites on the wiki
« on: January 03, 2015, 06:54:32 AM »
So I had this idea about taking the sprite sheets extracted from the game and making gifs out of them. I also had this idea of uploading them onto the wiki for use in the puppet pages. Does this sound like a good idea?

It's quite an undertaking, to be sure, but I believe I can devise a method of making it quick and possibly painless. It'll still take a long while, but it's worth considering. If I go ahead with it, what direction should they be facing? What animation? These are probably obvious questions but I feel I should make sure.

Off-topic / Forum and Wiki status
« on: November 21, 2014, 09:22:47 PM »
Some people thought it'd be funny to spam the TPDP wiki so hard that it resembled a DDoS attack and brought the entire site down. I'm reinstalling the wiki (since I couldn't find anything that resembled work anyways) and putting account creation restrictions on it. The forums should be fine.

Now, if anyone could actually use the TPDP wiki... (maybe when the full game finally releases but fat chance)

Translation project / [Old] TPDP Demo 1 Translation Project
« on: August 18, 2014, 10:10:56 AM »

More of a prelimary thread if any. I'll edit this opening post later as things advance.

First, some news. We've figured out the format of the dat.arc file and we're in the process of being able to compile and decompile it at will. Someone else has already done it (thanks to the Anon in the /jp/ thread), and if you want to look through the data files, that's your best bet so far. [inspoiler]Really, our inability to do it right now is just simply due to our sheer inadequacy.[/inspoiler]

We're currently open for volunteers to help in translating the game. Although it's still in an early state and isn't much of a game right now, getting together a group now will prepare us further down the line, since many things will be the same and we'll be ready to have a full scale translation by the time the full game comes out. That said, since the game is in an early state, there is no real rush or obligation to do anything as a volunteer; this is purely to get things set up and the most we'll likely put out for this game is a UI translation, since anything more would be frivolous with the game only being a demo.

As far as what needs translating... well, anything at this point. Looking at the data folder above is a good start. There's a ton of strings in the executable that's going to be an absolute pain to edit, so we'll cross that bridge later when we know more about it. Obviously, anyone with expertise in dealing with strings in windows executables would be a big help. Ideally, I would like at least two translators doing most of the work, so that we always have someone to bounce translation checks off, as well as someone who is proficient at image editing and UI designing, since a large majority of the UI is image based and may require some restructuring of image composition to fit english into it. I can perform both these tasks myself, but I am nowhere near fluent in japanese and my image editing skills are sub par at best. I would also highly appreciate testers since I can't really be bothered to change my computer's locale just yet. A few dedicated testers would be nice to keep in contact with for areas of the translation that need to be confirmed on the fly, but I would like overall testing to be available to the public too.

This all comes off as pretentious though because ultimately I'm probably not going to have any control over the translation project myself or even have any real hand in it so take the last two paragraphs with a grain of salt.

With all that said, I'd like to see this being a community project that everyone can band together with and have fun on, and maybe if it goes well enough, when the full game comes out, we can make a small name for ourselves and be the first to put out a translation patch for it.

------- it's probably agastya below this line in the post unless exs is mean to me -------
This is the contents of dat.arc from the initial trial release.
This is the contents of dat.arc after the 1.01 patch.
Neither of these have the contents of the /sound directory.

This is a file list of everything in the demo's dat.arc file that can be translated.
Many of the files are in plain text or image format, making this relatively easy, all things considered.
.csv files are plain text encoded in Shift-JIS. You can open them with proper encoding in Notepad++.
Bolded files are ones that are currently translated, italicized files are claimed files in progress:








doll/elements: contains what is very likely internal type chart data. do not touch this.

DollHeight.csv/DollHeight1.csv files contain what is likely internal information about where/how to display sprites. Probably should not be touched unless editing puppet names breaks them.


yNCsr.png (fun filename)

effect.csv (possibly just plugs these into move descriptions??? i really dunno)
SkillData.csv (Format is Name,Description)


ItemData.csv - still needs work but it's fine for now
ob00 (2).png (???)


ChipSetName.csv (Likely does not need translation and is for internal use)
MapLocationName.csv (Likely does not need translation and is for internal use)



everything i'm lazy and might do this later


Some notes:
  • As this is only the demo, I don't think there's any real huge rush to roll this thing out. A basic UI translation should suffice
  • Attacking stats, instead of being Physical/Special, are "Focused" and "Spread" bullets instead. Do with this as you will
  • I recommend we keep the currency sign unchanged in money menus
  • Possibly stick translated name underneath the main JP name in the images?
  • I honestly didn't play the demo that long, just long enough to capture an Alice and a Patchouli. I don't know where a lot of this stuff is used. You're all disappointed in me, I know.

Touhou Puppet Dance Performance is an upcoming game made by Hemogurobin A1C that signifies the next generation of the concept as a whole. After a long period of silence with just a simple teaser site available, information was finally released by Hemo and we have confirmed various details on it.

The game will see a trial release (physical copies only) during summer Comiket, which is slated to occur August 15th through the 17th. The full release will happen during the following winter Comiket, both in physical and digital form. The game will sell for approximately 2000 yen, or around $20.

You can look at the teaser website here. The official developer twitter is here. Other additional information, including a recording of the stream Hemo made prior to the announcement of this game can be found here.

This board is for discussion on this particular game, and is perfectly fine as long as it involves it. A few ground rules though:

  • No talking about this game's relationship with Shoddy and the development thereof. This is mainly so that no one asks "will shoddy be updated for this." The short answer is "no," and the long answer is "noooooooooo."
  • Theorizing is okay and in fact, encouraged, but remember that theorizing holds no water and everything you're seeing as of right now is subject to change. There's no need to get upset over an aspect that may or may not even be in the final game.
  • However, this is no longer Touhou Puppet Play. Expect things to be different. While some things may stay the same, don't get into discussions here without first realizing that everything you know may potentially be wrong or different.
  • No one here is officially affiliated with the development of this game. (As far as I know) This is a fan forum and so, if you want to get more involved with the development of the game, you're going to have to check deeper resources. (And potentially learn japanese)

More info will be posted as it's translated and made available. For the rest of us, feel free to use this board to talk about the game and what may be in store.

Shoddy Touhoumon Info/Discussion / Attack/Defense Miko sprites
« on: February 10, 2014, 04:59:42 AM »
I found some sprites on that looked quite similar to the ones we're currently using for Attack and Defense Miko.

I would love it if someone could source these for me. If a source is successfully found, we could use these in place of the ones we have now. It's up to you guys obviously. I'll leave a poll open for now and see where things go.

Movesets / Drafts are now available
« on: November 07, 2013, 10:53:36 PM »
I figured I'd post it here since it's likely to be the most relevant here. You can now save your posts, replies and what have you as a Draft, allowing you to come back to it later without actually having to post it. I imagine this will be a great boon to analysis editors who need to save their work for another day but haven't finished writing it yet. It basically gives you a private notepad that you can keep to yourself until you're ready to show the world. Go nuts.

Shoddy Touhoumon Info/Discussion / *tease*
« on: October 26, 2013, 09:52:24 AM »

[inspoiler]More to come soon.[/inspoiler]

Creative Conundrum / Get creative
« on: October 01, 2013, 11:16:49 PM »
I figured it may have been time to make a new board after so much talk of creating things. A big part of THPP right now is creation of new stuff because it's content wears down quickly. It's still small though, so I've redirected many "ideas" topics from the original board over to here, and allowing brainstorms and/or idea threads to go here in an attempt to better organize the forum and bring support here.

That's really about it. Go nuts.

As you know, we, the server administrators, mainly me and Agastya, have prided ourselves on this server being 'pure,' that is to say, being as accurate and true to the original 1.812 game as possible. There are a few disparities here and there, such as the TD cast and Magic Stones, but we otherwise reject any notion of having 'custom' puppets available here and there. There has been quite a few talks amongst the administration and a few of the more influential members of the community about an additional server where such custom puppets and more could be designed and added to the current metagame, however many complications have prevented this from becoming a reality. This topic is being posted here to address one such complication; the community.

Our community is admittedly small and unimpressive, with quite a few people standing out but not enough bring forth anything crowd raising, nor is there much of a crowd to begin with. Touhou Puppet Play remains a popular alternative to the oft painful metagame of Pokemon, but the combination of Pokemon, Touhou and metagaming is a set of interests that very few people in this world actually have, much less those that speak native english. It is to this end that having another server might just kill what blooming community we have, because we might end up splitting it so thinly that neither can survive. There's also the matter of interest in said 'custom' environment; Who would play it? Who would built upon it? Would people abandon purity for it, or try to coexist with it?

One option is that we could combine the 'extended' metagame into our existing server and simply have a different ruleset for it, but this presents it's own complications, many of which are community based too. Would it overshadow the pure style of playing? Would it be overshadowed by the pure style of playing? There's a lot of things to consider that all ultimately boil down to 'how does the community feel about it?' This is what this topic is here to solve. Voting in the poll helps everyone get a good glance at what kind of consensus the community has reached but for me as a developer, it would be greatly appreciated if you posted your own comments, thoughts and feeling towards this kind of move as well.

If an 'extended' metagame becomes reality under any sort of circumstance, all of the puppets that are in the server but not currently in the Japanese Fire Red 1.812 ROM will be moved to it. This includes all of Agastya's Emerald version puppets, such as anyone from Ten Desires. If an 'extended' metagame becomes reality, there is also the possibility for many creative and interesting things to enter the meta, such as new moves, items or abilities on top of new puppets, but this is merely a possibility and not something definitively planned in the future if such a thing exists. Remember, for me and Agastya, purity and accuracy comes first. This is simply something that can be done if the community wishes for it, in whatever form it may come in.

That's about all there is to it. Have at it.

ROM Hacks + General Discussion / THPP Wiki Situation
« on: August 19, 2013, 06:13:40 AM »
So the Wiki has been getting a lot of attention, yes? Very good. It's really nice that it's starting to become a much more proper wiki and that it might soon start becoming a more comprehensive source of Touhou Puppet Play information. It's really nice for the metagame players as well, as it speeds up a lot of theorizing, crafting and other calculations that particularly helps in team building. It's getting big, really.

Too big.

I got a notification from my webhost that the SQL database it's using is becoming overloaded. This can't be helped, Mediawiki automatically trims and prunes it's own database usage and keeps it slim, but the wiki has gotten so big to the point to where that doesn't matter. The wiki hasn't gotten to the size limit yet, but at this pace, it'll hit it somewhat soon. At least soon enough to the point to where I need to consider alternative sources for an SQL database. I can't increase the size limit at this point, because it's already gotten really large, weighing in at 225 MB and climbing. Preferably, I would like an SQL server that is very quick to access and allows remote connections without slowing it down. However, I am also not made of money. All of this stuff is coming out of my pockets already as it is, and I'm not sure if I can sustain another pocket drainer, at least not right away.

I'd like suggestions on where I could host an SQL server though that is fast, reliable and will hold massive amounts of data first. That is my primary concern. I will do something about the price after that. If it's too expensive, I'll go onto the next one until I find some sort of good balance. I also am not going to tell anyone to stop updating or using the Wiki and I would like everyone to continue working on it as they have been, this is simply a warning of what's to come. I'll tell all of you when the size limit is getting dangerous close to being reached, at which point I will soon lock the wiki from editing in an attempt to keep it's size from ballooning too hard.

I'm sorry it's come to this, but this is what I have to tell you guys.

Shoddy Touhoumon Info/Discussion / Change Log
« on: August 02, 2013, 09:19:22 AM »
Because I needed one at some point to remind myself that I actually did something productive at some point. Also to keep everyone else updated, and to keep some consistency between myself and Agastya.

In this update:
  • Rage was partially fixed. It should do damage but not burn the user.
  • Baton Pass was fixed, based on a bug seen in this screenshot.
  • Solarbeam in the sun was fixed, it shouldn't lock you into it during sunlight anymore.
  • Speed Boost should no longer proc on the puppet's opening turn if it's switched in mid-turn.
  • Pressure should no longer activate on ally moves such as Helping Hand and Aromatherapy.
  • Truant should no longer crash the server when skill swapped. Hopefully.
  • EXS learns never to listen to me again ~Agastya

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