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General Metagame / Re: Doubles ladder?
« on: July 25, 2014, 01:32:37 AM »
Don't forget Reflect and Lightscreen need to soak only 1/3rd damage instead of half

also I'd wager you could get around the lack of cancel thing sorta

if you could have shoddy bring up both move selections at the same time? it'd still be sorta annoying though.

Movesets / Re: Star Sapphire
« on: July 18, 2014, 11:18:52 PM »

I wouldn't know where to ask this so just asking here.

Could you generally run Helper Form instead with the same sets and SpDef EVs/Nature being flipped into Defense? And expect to do ok vs the physical spectrum?

Because I'm pretty sure they're the same damn puppet except with the defense stats flipped.

Fan-made hacks / Re: Unnamed 1.8 Hack
« on: April 15, 2014, 06:47:56 AM »
Ah yes, you may know about that but you should replace the original playable trainers by Renko and Mary, that's it.

I don't intend to replace the protagonists.

Just curios if I start playing this hack now will I be able to use my sav for later releases?

You can use it, but the working build has a slightly shifted dex order due to AMiko/DMiko/AKokoro/ASukuna rejoining the cast, so your dex pages will be somewhat nonsensical in the new version. Not that big of an issue unless you want to catch 'em all for some reason, in which case you can trivially catch them again on the new version for the pages.

Are planning on porting the extended mons from Enhanced too.

Nope nope nope nope nope. I don't even know what slots those use, but I'd rather maintain support for Emerald and I'm pretty sure they use slots occupied by TD characters, the weather trio, or 2hu.

How many slots are you working with max?

I know there's tools to insert Renko and Mary out in the wild if someone really wanted to, but will the full have an optional patch for that?

Fan-made hacks / Re: Unnamed 1.8 Hack
« on: March 31, 2014, 07:39:53 AM »
Are planning on porting the extended mons from Enhanced too.

I'd beat neat to be able to go one catch-all version instead of flipping between one or the other for things like Prismriver, Youmu-A, Eirin-A, Yuyuko-A and to an extent the usable versions of MPSuika/SG-Sanae/That one Marisa evolution.

Satsuki, Saigyouji, and Tensoku-G would be fun too but you're probably pushing it already as it is for space.

General Metagame / Re: The "Uber" tier is back
« on: March 25, 2014, 08:33:14 AM »
mfw when attack AShin literally has Dark Alice's E4 Boss Puppet Stats except physically.

Shoddy Touhoumon Info/Discussion / Re: *tease*
« on: October 28, 2013, 06:22:59 PM »
oh boy oh boy

something neat to return back to once hell october is over

But seriously, we're based of EM 1.8 not FR 1.8.

I never asked for this. It's especially egregious in Agastya's case considering he's much more strongly towards being 'pure' to his ROM

It's an inconsistency that I've been meaning to clear up, and I intended on doing that with whatever result comes up from this discussion.

I don't mean to be "that person" but..

I think he even said it himself self-deprecatingly.

Either nothing changes or we get extended mons from a result of this though, I'm hoping the latter but its all up to the people who actually do the coding work.

having the clause there would be nice though.

Think of it like Early VGC for 5th gen. [5th gen obtainable only ircc]

Default meta should have whatever has the most mons though barring ubers I think though

in Bizzaro shoddy, TPPE server would just be full of silly wouldn't it

Doesnt you haven't lived until you done a Fully Random Run of TPPE

managed to get to the postgame before dying but this is neither here or there.

Just a reminder to peeps though, the usable version of the E4-only mons always usually had a BST/General Stat Decrease [For example, Dark Alice used to have 120 base speed, and I think she might still have 120 base speed for the E4's pet version in official].

So JK-Sanae isn't quite Kyogre++ as her E4 pet stats would suggest, Same to MPPSuika's big stats taking a hit and EXMarisa having the defenses of paper.

I don't know why I'm trying so hard what will probably happen is that we stick to em and that will be the end of it

@ Shai, nobody uses Kikuri because Kikuri is a badmon.

She's the first thing that came to mind, not a shining example!

doesnt probably hit on the dot with dmokou/yoshika

> exploding yumekos

is this really a thing? is it tutor or egg moves?

I'm ok with whatever we do.

Always bugged me that a few official puppets got shafted because of their unofficial cousins being stronger [Kikuri is the one that comes to mind the most] So an Official/Unofficial Split would be neat.

Turning it into an Em Dedicated Simulator allows Ags to become god but some Em Only things are really fun so I don't have a problem with it.

If we go the five miles and Import Mons [within reason or not] froms TPPE/Unofficial jp patches even better, although I doubt that will be happening. 4th Gen and above items I'm on the fence about but I'd deal.

I don't think a client split would be very wise, Server split would be better, but is shoving everything in one Server and just dividing by banlist [Standard/UU more like QQ/imajerk etc] out of the question?

Of course, I want the Unofficial Prismriver Combo and Unofficial Advents if possible but..

Yo this sounds like a good enough time to ask as any, where does the 3rd Gen Shedinja glitch (the very same that allows zfairy to learn killer moves like Eruption and Pain Split] fall into this? Would it's inclusion still be shelved? or would we take the "This is an Em Server" route and Ags would tirelessly work to patch it out of his rom?

I don't even know if that last one is even a thing without ASM but still.

General Metagame / Re: OU/Standard Threatlist WIP [Open for editing]
« on: September 23, 2013, 04:34:29 AM »
SYorihime is probably more solid than Skoishi now that weather sweepers are becoming less common but whatever.

zFairy is obviously C class, Steels, Flying and Miasma are too common for her to be higher, but being able to phase just by being there is pretty powerful on mana/heart/dream people and the like

 if AFlan is A-Rank Material, I feel like DAlice can go though too [Both are moderately sturdy and hit hard from their side of the phys/spec spectrum, RNG is an issue for both of them due to Inaccuracy]

Movesets / Re: Yumeko
« on: September 18, 2013, 11:41:03 AM »
You edited it in!


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