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The archive with all of the classes *is* the .JAR; it is both an archive and a format Java can run. That said, getting Java to actually run it is often annoying and depends on your system and Java installation.

You might be able to get it to run by making a .bat file composed of "java -jar ShoddyBattleClient2.jar" is Java is in your path.

Ah, Well I got it fixed, thanks!

Whenever I download the file the executable/program is non existent. Instead there is an archive with a whole bunch of CLASS files and resources.

I'm encountering the same issue, I'm trying to get back into it and I can't find the .Jar

Movesets / [WIP] Speed Flandre
« on: August 31, 2013, 04:33:17 AM »

Speed Flandre
Hustle - Increases attack, but lowers accuracy
Steel, Faith, Heart, Earth and Water.

Base Stats
HP - 50
ATK - 115
DEF - 70
SpATK - 120
SpDEF - 80
SPD - 125

Speed Flandre is an extreme powerhouse with great speed. Unlike her Attack counterpart, SFlandre is much more of a mixed attacker. She is pretty great for leads, being she can hit about anything, Physical Walls, Special Walls alike.

Mixed Lead
SFlandre (Speed Flandre) (F) @ Lum (All) Berry
Ability: Hustle
EVs: 128 Atk/252 Spd/128 SpAtk
Lonely nature (+Atk,-Def)
- Brick Break/Posion Jab
- Double-Edge
- Flamethrower
- Dark Pulse/Heart Break

Covering most of Flan's weaknesses this set can efficiently do some serious damage to an opponent lead puppet. If you want a water hitter, go for Posion Jab, if you want a Heart hitter, go for Brick Break. Your choice really. If you want a more 50/50, go with Dark Pulse over Heart Break.


General Metagame / Re: "Standard" "Suspects"
« on: July 08, 2013, 10:54:04 PM »
Oh and Satori for set up sweepers

General Metagame / Re: "Standard" "Suspects"
« on: July 08, 2013, 07:46:44 PM »

Yuka (Bulky Attacker)

Consistent in what it does? No idea. I've never seen her before, but her stats look like they fit the bill. She also learns synthesis which may or may not be useful.

I do run a Curse Yuuka and she does business. She's able to take physical damage like it's nothing. 

Movesets / Re: Post your joke sets here
« on: June 28, 2013, 02:04:35 PM »
Josh's Waifu (Technical Alice) (F) @ Special Bloomers
Ability: Magic Barrier
EVs: 4 HP/252 Atk/252 Spd
Adamant nature (+Atk,-SpAtk)
- Explosion

Y'know to piss Josh off

Movesets / Re: Post your joke sets here
« on: June 28, 2013, 11:46:36 AM »
You know what to do! If you want to make random sets just for the lulz, go for it!



ASexual Desire (Attack Star Sapphire) (F) @ Mistress Outfit (Dark)
Ability: Water Absorb
Naughty nature (+Atk,-SpDef)
- Attract
- Giga Drain/Double Team/Encore
- Hypnosis
- Power Whip

A Sexual desire used double team!

PhantomSong used harden!

PhantomSong used Gunk Shot!

Movesets / Post your joke sets here
« on: June 27, 2013, 02:13:12 AM »
You know what to do! If you want to make random sets just for the lulz, go for it!



ASexual Desire (Attack Star Sapphire) (F) @ Mistress Outfit (Dark)
Ability: Water Absorb
Naughty nature (+Atk,-SpDef)
- Attract
- Giga Drain/Double Team/Encore
- Hypnosis
- Power Whip

Movesets / [WIP]Advent Marisa
« on: June 22, 2013, 12:40:26 AM »

Advent Marisa

Type: Wind
Advent - Immune to secondary effects.
Weaknesses: Earth
Resistances: Flying and Wind

Base Stats:

HP: 70
Atk: 115
Def: 70
Spd: 135
Sp. Atk: 80
Sp. Def: 60

Max Stats (With Beneficial Nature):

HP: 344
Atk: 361
Def: 262
Spd: 405
Sp. Atk: 284
Sp. Def: 240
Advent Marisa is a pretty fast puppet. It's base speed is 5 shy of Speed Aya's. Which is 140. Advent Marisa also loses it's Reason typing, making it only have one weakness to Earth. Advent Marisa also gets a amazing attack stat as well. Though it's physical movepool isn't exactly amazing, it still has some viable moves such as Thunderpunch, Heart Break, Fire Punch, Posion Jab, Extreme Speed and some others. Marisa has more bulk than Aya, making her a little more viable for leads.

Special Bloomers
Advent Marisa (F) @ Special Bloomers
Ability: Advent
EVs: 4 HP/252 Atk/252 Spd
Adamant nature (+Atk,-SpAtk)
- Volt Tackle
- Double-Edge
- Poison Jab
- Extremespeed

AdMarisa makes a great revenge killer with it's high attack and speed.
If you don't feel like taking recoil damage from Volt Tackle, you can run ThunderPunch instead. Volt Tackle covers Flying and Water-types, and deals STAB damage.

*Edited by DoctorShanks: Double-Edge covers for Faith, Poison Jab covers for Natures, and Extremespeed can save your skin in a battle where an opponent has managed to set up a Tailwind or an Agility.

Advent Marisa (F) @ Leftovers
Ability: Advent
EVs: 252 HP/104 Def/152 Spd
Jolly nature (+Spd,-SpAtk)
- Fire Punch
- Spikes
- Thunder Wave/Toxic
- Thunderpunch

Your typical lead: Spikes and some form of crippling move. Either Toxic or Thunder Wave works, not much to say here.

Others' sets
Neutral volt tackle hits harder neutrally than almost all of mari's coverage moves.

Trick/band AD mari makes yoshika cry.

I tend to run the following on banded mari

jolly 252 speed 252 attack 4 hp
Volt tackle
Poison jab/Double edge

Pretty much any earth type counters the set but I like it.

Earth puppets such as DTenshi and DLetty will oppose a HUGE threat. Speed Aya can oppose a threat as well being able to outspeed AdMarisa. Yoshika will be able to wall AdMarisa, so bring something to take her out. Physical Walls who AdMarisa can't do super-effective hits to will oppose threats in general. 

Other options
Marisa gets access to moves such as Swords Dance, Wish, Baton Pass and Trick. Which makes her a good crippler, set up sweeper, or Baton Pass supporter.
*Edited by DoctorShanks: She has access to other coverage moves such as Psycho Cut, Heart Break, Steel Wing, and Mind Bomb, but these moves typically hit for less damage than Volt Tackle, even when used Super-effectively.

(I know, I'm probably not real good at these, but meh)

Movesets / [WIP]Advent Alice
« on: April 09, 2013, 09:42:08 PM »
WIP - It's good? But there seems to be a lack of research. I'll post my knowledge on her eventually.


Advent Alice

Type: Heart
Advent - Immune to secondary effects.
Weaknesses: Dream and Faith
Resistances: Ghost,Dark,Reason, and Heart

Base Stats:

HP: 60
Atk: 60
Def: 60
Spd: 80
Sp. Atk: 100
Sp. Def: 150

Max Stats (With Beneficial Nature):
HP: 324
Atk: 240
Def: 240
Spd: 284
Sp. Atk: 328
Sp. Def: 438

Min Stats (With Hindering Nature):
HP: 261
Atk: 140 (112)
Def: 140
Spd: 176
Sp. Atk: 215
Sp. Def: 331

As you can tell, Advent Alice is a great special wall. It also comes with Reason moves to take care on pesky Miasma, Dream, and Faith puppets. (Which 2/3 ARE threats to it).

Offensive/Support -

Advent Alice @ Leftovers/Lum Berry
Ability: Advent
EVs: 196 HP/156 Def/156 SpDef
Bold nature (+Def,-Atk)
- Heal Bell
- Mana Burst
- Signal Beam
- Toxic/Will-o-Wisp

Obviously taking advantage of her special defense, I've concocted support wall that will inflict status and heal off status problems to all party members as well as being able to dish out decent damage.

Stall/Support -

Advent Alice @ Leftovers/Lum Berry
Ability: Advent
EVs: 252 HP/4 Def/252 SpDef
Calm nature (+SpDef,-Atk)
- Mana Burst/Heal Bell
- Wish
- Detect/Heal Bell
- Toxic/Will-o-Wisp

A slight variant on the offensive set. This will help you on puppets like Yoshika, who is a pretty good wall if you aren't prepared.
(Obviously you can't have two Heal Bells, but if you decide to use Mana Burst, you could use Heal Bell instead of Detect.)

Pretty much anything with a super effective physical attack can bring her down in one or two hits.
Attack Reimu primarily due to it's Dream type and Dream attacks. Sendai could also due quite a number on her as well. Speed Yorihime as well with her high speed and to Sacred Fire. Technical Ichirin is another threat due to it's Faith/Dream typing  [/i]

Other options:
Advent Alice can access move such as Baton Pass, Substitute, and Curse, so you can alternatively run a her in  Baton Pass team.

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