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Touhou Puppet Dance Performance / Re: Cheat Engine
« on: February 26, 2017, 03:14:14 PM »
Its rather difficult to find but I made a guide ages ago and Ill add it here, warning it maybe confusing because I am horrible at explaining things.

For PP: Search for 2 byte values then use a PP point, after using a PP point update the value then click next scan.
Find the address containing the PP value then change it to 999.

For purchased items: Search for a single byte value then purchase a item of choice or discard it, then next scan to find the
changed value then change it to 255.

For items in bag with a Qty of at least 3: Search for a Single byte value of eg. 3 then discard 1 of the item, then next scan for value eg. 2 and look for a green active memory address or if you didn't next scan, search for 2 in the large list of address values and change it to 255.

For money: Search for 1 or 2 byte values then purchase or sell a item. After purchasing scan for the new money value
then change it to 4 bytes then put 999,999,999 or your desired value.
Note: 1 byte values work best, once you find the value you can change it to 4 bytes.

For EXP: Search for the EXP value before a fight using all values, then at the result screen add the EXP gained to
the original scan then hit next scan.
Find the green addresses with :1 or :2 at the end, change them to 4 bytes then put 999,999,999 as the new value,
then exit the result screen.
You can also directly search the value using 2 bytes before a fight.

Make sure to save and backup before and after making the changes.

If in doubt use byte but 2 bytes works just as well.

Fair enough DerxwnaKapsyla, keep up the good work, hearing back from someone on the translation project is reassuring that the project is going well even if its slow.

Would be great if there was some news about the progress of the translation of if the project is dead.

Touhou Puppet Dance Performance / Re: Corrupted save
« on: January 16, 2016, 03:32:57 PM »
Nope I don't have one as it would screw Windows up if I ever restore from a system restore point due to using symlinks. As far as I know Windows is hopeless at restoring when you have symlinks.

Touhou Puppet Dance Performance / Corrupted save
« on: January 16, 2016, 12:51:40 PM »
I saved the game in Makai before the Shinki fight then closed the game because I had to restart my PC for a update then when I reloaded the game my save file got corrupted and the game just starts from the start again. Is there a way to repair the save file or do I have to restart again?

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