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Metagame and teambuilding / Defense Akyuu
« on: October 01, 2018, 03:10:49 PM »
Defense Akyuu@Black Choker/Food Rations
Blue Mark
64 HP/64 FoDef/2 SpDef
Ability: Curiousity

-First Aid
-Charon Ferries
-Call of The Dead/Upbeat

No, Curiousity alone does not make you a good tank. DKosuzu has a much better movepool than you and all the other Curiousity puppets have substantially better stats. Will-O-Wisp + First Aid makes it so you can actually survive against focus attackers and Charon Ferries is your only decent option when you get hit by Upbeat. Call of the Dead is a mindgame-heavy option to try and fish a KO against a spread attacker. If you don't mind them just swatting you away, Upbeat prevents other puppets from using you as the easy setup fodder you are.

Metagame and teambuilding / Defense Koakuma
« on: September 26, 2018, 09:49:58 AM »
Defense Koakuma@Food Rations
White Mark
64 HP/64 SpDef/2 FoDef
Ability: Healing Power
Stat Ranks: E- Speed

-Power Spot
-Supernatural Border
-Impulse/Creeping Darkness

Defense Koakuma is an incredible asset for stall teams - the typing prevents Smash Spin from clearing hazards, you have momentum with Changeling + Healing Power and access to Power Spot lets you restore your damaged walls. Supernatural Border is so you can grab the heal yourself, while Changeling lets you bring in an ally to recieve it. Impulse is a STAB that's mainly for hitting puppets weak to it, but Creeping Darkness can be run over it to weaken Focus Attackers your investment isn't made to handle that well. If passing heals to your teammates doesn't appeal to you, DKoakuma has First Aid as well as a plethora of other support moves to work with, such as Encourage, Bind Trap and Confine.

Metagame and teambuilding / Defense Satori
« on: September 26, 2018, 09:20:46 AM »
Defense Satori@Food Rations
Blue Mark/White Mark
64 HP/64 FoDef/2 SpDef or 64 HP/64 SpDef/2 FoDef
Ability: Curse Return
Stat Ranks: E- Speed

-St. Elmo's Fire/Revolving Illusions

A hugely disruptive set, although lacking in reliable recovery. Curse Return on a defensive puppet can still be quite daunting to deal with. Decrescendo is basically Parting Shot, letting you disrupt an attacker and bring in a counter. For maximum effectiveness, minimize DSatori's speed to reduce your switch-in's potential damage even further. Miasma is to gain passive damage. St. Elmo's Fire lets you remove items, while Revolving Illusions is the better option for dealing damage to not rely on your uninvested Focus Attack. Pretense lets you shift into a Sound-Type to resist Illusion while Continue is the only way for you to heal up.

Metagame and teambuilding / Power Hecatia
« on: September 26, 2018, 08:54:23 AM »
Power Hecatia@Food Rations
Black Mark
64 HP/64 SpAtk/2 SpDef
Ability: Niche

-Magic Barrier/Honest Man's Lie
-Brave Song
-Grace of Mana

This is a stallbreaking set for cleaning up defensive teams after removing Illusion-Types. You have enough bulk to take hits with decent recovery and only one weakness, while setting up with Brave Song. Magic Barrier or Honest Man's Lie is to prevent status from being used against you.

Power Hecatia@Skirmisher Charm
Green Mark
64 FoAtk/64 Speed/2 HP
Ability: Niche

-Magic Barrier
-Death Match
-Illusion Sign
-Frenzied Joururi/Blow From Calamity

Magic Barrier can be used four times to get to low HP and activate both the Skirmisher Charm and bring Death Match to an incredibly high base power. Illusion Sign is your only way of effectively hitting Illusion-Types. Frenzied Joururi is against uncooperative enemies who won't clear your magic barrier.

Metagame and teambuilding / Extra Akyuu
« on: September 25, 2018, 06:16:32 PM »
Extra Akyuu@Flourite
Green Mark
64 HP/64 Speed/2 SpDef
Ability: Curiousity

-Eternal Record
-Forest Therapy

Extra Akyuu is hyper offense setup in a can, which is about the only thing it can do well. Eternal Record gives you the equivalent of Reflect, Light Screen and Safeguard and also faints you, letting you immediately bring in an offensive threat. Upbeat can be used to prevent other setup leads from doing their job. Changeling is an escape option if your own setup moves get blocked. You'll rarely get any mileage out of it, but Forest Therapy can be used if you had to withdraw Akyuu from the lead position to remove status from your team. The Spread Defense investment is so PYumemi will boost its FoAtk with agressive and just about the only thing you can get out of these two remaining points.

Metagame and teambuilding / Power Raiko
« on: September 25, 2018, 10:00:49 AM »
Power Raiko@Dispel Charm/Topaz Hairpin
Green Mark
34 Speed/64 SpAtk/36 HP
Ability: Active

-Thunderlord's Scorn
-Ultra High Tone
-Eye of Laplace

A very straightforward lategame cleaner. Skanda lets you outspeed the entire dex (assuming no Good Belts) after one use and with only one weakness and strong bulk, you'll have a plenty of chances to set up. Thunderlord's Scorn is your most powerful STAB and Ultra High Tone grants a fair amount of super effective coverage. Eye of Laplace targets Light-Types resisting both of your STABs.

Metagame and teambuilding / Power Orange
« on: September 25, 2018, 08:30:22 AM »
Power Orange@Anti-Dark Charm/Diamond Hairpin
Red Mark
64 FoAtk/64 Speed/2 HP
Ability: Usurpation

-Detonation Burst
-Cross Drive
-Spirit Rush
-Pursuit/Blow From Calamity

Just like the defense version is a clone of Blissey, this one's a clone of Malamar. With your ability, your coverage options against Dark- and Illusion-Types will also boost your stats on top of dissuading tanks and walls that rely on Deploy Smoke. Spirit Rush is a powerful STAB and your HP is decent enough to endure the recoil. Your last moveslot is mostly filler, enabling you to either function as a pursuit trapper or to keep dealing effective damage after getting blinded. Lightning Cut would be an option to hit Wind-Types that resist your boosting move, but the chance to lose speed is kind of iffy.

Metagame and teambuilding / Defense Orange
« on: September 23, 2018, 02:51:59 PM »
Defense Orange@Food Rations
Blue Mark
64 FoDef/64 SpDef/2 HP
Ability: Emergency Cure

-Forest Therapy
-Aikido Arts/Overrun
-Stealth Trap

Defense Orange's stats are almost identical to Blissey's, so it's no surprise she plays almost the same. Aikido Arts is more consistent than Overrun in damage, but DOrange also has a few other spread moves to potentially target some type weaknesses. Mirage is an alternative to the last two moves to bounce back hazards and status, but it requires some prediction to work and you're not really inconvienienced by status.

Metagame and teambuilding / Power Yorihime
« on: September 22, 2018, 09:43:42 PM »
Power Yorihime@Opal Hairpin
Black Mark
64 SpAtk/64 Speed/2 HP
Ability: Insight

-Hachiman's Blessing
-Chrome Ray
-Pollen Mist/Illlusion Sign/Poison Sign/Sound Sign

A simple crit-fishing build. Hachiman's Blessing + Insight give a crit rate that negates Arclight's drawback. Chrome Ray is your other STAB option and hits Nature-Types. Pollen Mist is your most powerful coverage option against Water-Types while the signs are sensible alternatives to deal with Light resists. As much as a focus build would appeal with the higher attack stat, it cannot capitalize on the critting as well and Yorihime has a very limited focus attack movepool. That said, Overtake Strike is an okay coverage option to have priority.

Metagame and teambuilding / Assist Renko
« on: September 22, 2018, 09:19:16 PM »
Assist Renko@Food Rations/Black Choker
Blue Mark
64 HP/16 FoDef/50 SpDef
Ability: Timegazer
IVs: E- Speed

-Terrain [Genbu]/Terrain [Suzaku]
-Overrun/Crossbow Assault
-White Lily Dance/Shadow Rush

As strong as the ability is, Assist Renko has an extremely limited movepool. Genbu is a field more useful against offense while Suzaku hurts stall teams more. Overrun is overall your most useful STAB and you barely have any support moves to run instead. Crossbow Assault is an alternative for Suzaku if you want to fish for paralysis. Arclight is an option to hit Dark-Types who threaten super-effective STAB. White Lily Dance is a pivoting option in the last slot, but shouldn't be run with Suzaku. Instead, you can use Shadow Rush for some chip damage priority.

Metagame and teambuilding / Assist Kurumi
« on: September 22, 2018, 05:47:41 PM »
Assist Kurumi@Good Belt
Green Mark
64 Speed/64 HP/2 FoDef
Ability: Melancholic

-Shark Trade
-Poison Trap/Smash Spin/Creeping Darkness
-Perch/Dark Sweets

The main point of using Assist Kurumi is to set up Heavy Fog for your team, its offenses are too low to be suitable as an attacker and is outclassed as a wall by Assist Sekibanki. Shark Trade with incredible speed to cripple defensive Puppets with a situational item. Changeling allows you to escape trapping moves and abilities (watch out for Capture Rope) and is generally useful for momentum. Poison Trap is a support option to help wear down enemies - if such support isn't needed, Smash Spin can be used to clear hazards. Creeping Darkness is a more direct debuff if you need something against more offensive teams. Perch prevents you from being worn down and Dark Sweets is to have an effective STAB option.

Alternate Options: If you need weather for longer, a Twilight Godstone can be used as a held item. If so, replace Shark Trade with one of the slashed options below.

Metagame and teambuilding / Power Maribel
« on: September 21, 2018, 05:41:20 PM »
Power Maribel@Good Earrings
Black Mark
64 SpAtk/64 Speed/2 HP
Ability: Boundary Saviour

-Heavenly Blessing
-Dark Sweets
-White Lily Dance

This is basically a simple wallbreaker with unparalleled offensive strength. Obviously requires weather support to function. Catastrophe is STAB, Heavenly Blessing gives you a different attack based on the weather out, Dark Sweets hits Void-Types when you're not using Heavy Fog, White Lily Dance lets you bring in a weakened puppet - there wasn't really much else worthwhile in Maribel's movepool.

Metagame and teambuilding / Defense Seija
« on: September 21, 2018, 04:51:20 PM »
Defense Seija@Food Rations
Blue Mark
64 HP/64 FoDef/2 SpDef
Ability: Unjustness

-First Aid
-Depressing Rain

A walling set that can PP stall out passive puppets. Upbeat + Unjustness will quickly run them out of steam and Miasma helps wearing down as well. Depressing Rain can check stat-ups while also providing some offense.

Defense Seija@Silver Hairpin
Red Mark
64 HP/64 Atk/2 SpDef
Ability: Usurper

-Poison Stream/Venom Nova
-Atomic Energy
-Cross Drive
-Changeling/Tiger Rush

The tank set, providing loads of spread defense. Poison Stream vs. Venom Nova is about power vs. reliability. Atomic Energy is a secondary STAB which provides recovery. Cross Drive hits Steel-Types and also boosts your speed thanks to your ability. Changeling allows you to pivot out and Tiger Rush can pick off puppets at low health.

Metagame and teambuilding / Power Mystia
« on: September 21, 2018, 09:03:54 AM »
Power Mystia@Onyx Hairpin
Green Mark
Ability: Up Tempo
61 Speed/64 SpAtk/5 HP

-Brave Song
-Infinite Scales
-Spinning Air
-Chrome Ray

A very greedy attacker which can snowball out of control. After one Brave Song and Up Tempo, you'll outspeed everything but Speed Aya and your Infinite Scales will hit 80 BP which keeps growing as you build up speed. Spinning Air is your secondary STAB and hits opposing Sound-Types while Chrome Ray deals with Wind-Types.

Metagame and teambuilding / Speed Aya
« on: September 21, 2018, 07:29:56 AM »
Speed Aya@Food Rations
Green Mark
Ability: Free Will
64 HP/32 FoDef/34 Speed

-Foehn Winds
-Stealth Trap/Forest Therapy

A versatile supporter with solid bulk, reliable recovery and a lot of speed. The given spread lets you move first against every unboosted puppet except other Speed Aya. Foehn Winds is for STAB (Flying Frenzy is a replacement if Recoil is a concern, but it's problematic with uninvested base 80 FoAtk), Perch lets you restore HP and Changeling is a momentum tool.

Alternatives: Smash Spin, Mirage and Confine are other useful moves to put in the fourth slot and a spread of 64 HP/42 FoDef/24 Speed gives more bulk and only gets outspeed by Green Mark Speed Marisa.

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