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Fan-made hacks / Re: Touhoumon Blue - Zeph's Edited Version
« on: June 05, 2019, 03:42:52 AM »
Normally I wouldn't double post but this mechanic I found's pretty major.
If you finish the sevii islands quest with the ruby/sapphire, the E4 WILL use their postgame teams, even if you haven't beaten them normally. I don't know if this was intended but still worth it to point out (Level 65 on the champ's ace for pre-sevii E4 vs. level 64 on lorelei's weakest puppet on the post-sevii team)

Fan-made hacks / Re: Touhoumon Blue - Zeph's Edited Version
« on: June 02, 2019, 04:25:51 PM »
okay have to reset my computer for something so I'll post what concerns I have as of now (up to victory road/E4 grinding)
Before I start, I'm Gonna leave out any comments I have about "jank" (encounters, stats, types, signature moves) since that's a part of 1.5's charm
Actually I do have one comment along those lines. There's a LOT of psychic and normal types among the new characters, could probably diversify that a little bit? (Sukuna and kokoro becoming steel-types, for example)
No physical/special split? Dunno how much of a revamp this would require. (I forget if you mention its not in at any point but might be a good idea if you don't implement it)
Trades are still unedited from vanilla FR.
Do the different fairies have different stats or are they just good for collection/evolution? I'm assuming the latter going by their slot and the comments
Level guide would be nice? Not required but nice. I'm making one on my own accord that I'll probably post when I'm fully done.
Move tutors are still around, dunno if you changed the vanilla learnsets or not.
Tooltip on the miracle mallet is messed up (Already clarified)
Evs being removed might be a bit too strict for normal mode, no healing items/forced set might be enough as it is for a lot of people. I can see no evs being a thing on hard/lunatic though.
Zun still says he gives out a DCSuika instead of a kasen and then gives you a regular CSuika. (Kasen is instead obtained in silph in place of lapras)
Super rod guy gives out the great rod, meaning the super rod's normally unobtainable (I fixed this in my own copy)
415 BST on EKyouko? (not counting this as jank since I'm not sure she's supposed to be that low)
CSekibanki/Sekibanki are two different EXP pools from ExSekibanki (medium fast to medium slow)
The items in underwater tunnel regenerate (I forget if this was a thing with older versions of blue as well)
Are last stand and bravado the same move?
Second-to-last rival fight on route 22 is about 5 levels lower than it should be [inspoiler](giovanni's ace is 59 while rival's is 55)[/inspoiler]
Is there a reward for beating getting both sevii gems? It seems like there's a [inspoiler]postgame thing with bill[/inspoiler] that looks like it would be a good reward

okay I'm sorry that this is really late but I wouldn't mind it being used as a base as long as you credit it as such (also be aware of the bugs in it, such as the pokedex being glitchy and the egg summary screen crashing the game)

As for new updates I still haven't figured out abilities since most of the gen III hackers have moved onto straight code for new discoveries and mechanics, an area which I've never been too good at. I did experiment with stat spreads/movesheets for the LoLK characters (as well as Jo'on and shion) in a personal project (independent from blue, oddly enough) and I could probably put them into tweaked if I could expand the dex a second time, or figure out how to make the unown slots work. (From what I've been messing around with in blue, it SHOULD be safe if the puppet in that slot is evolution only, which at the moment it is since it should be Alternate Alice.)

HSiFS characters sadly don't have enough sprites to be fully inserted into 1.5 (and I'd probably need both reimufate's permission to use their sprites and menu icons for them)

Sorry for being away so long, 2017 and 2018 were both pretty busy years for me.

Actually here's the stats I had for the new puppets in the hack
Seiran - Heart/Steel, 70/45/70/100/80/115 (since her ability's to shoot bullets,I really didn't have much info on her otherwise since canon dosen't have much on her)
Ringo - Heart/Earth, 100/55/95/75/110/55 (Probably the weakest in terms of typing, I'm thinking of going heart/nature tbh. Spread is because she's mentioned to be somewhat pacifistic)
Doremy - Ghost/Beast, 110/65/75/65/105/105 (Mainly based off her passive nature in AoCF but I could probably tweak the stat spread around a bit. Alt might be ghost/dream because she has enough stuff in AoCF to justify having some sound-based attacks.
Sagume - Flying/Miasma, 55/75/80/85/120/105 (She was actually miasma/ice in the test but I realized there's really not much "ice" about her. Flying/faith is another potential choice but miasma's mainly for associations with unluck such as hina)
Clownpiece - Fire/Heart, 70/105/65/115/65/110 (As past me might have noted, this one was pretty easy. Earth's another potental idea due to those moons that she throws around
Junko - Dark/Faith, 125/45/85/105/90/100 (My attempt at creating a "pure" stat spread, otherwise pretty expected.)
Hecatia - Earth/Fire, 85/65/130/85/130/85 (Yes I'm aware this one is 580 BST, the gimmick with her is that the higher BST is offset by both forms having quad weaknesses since the other form in the hack is earth/water)
Jo'on - Miasma/Fire, 85/100/45/95/80/105 (Not seen: hustle. This will be game corner exclusive if it were to be added in. Could probably swap HP and defense then nerf the defenses a bit. Miasma/dream might also work if she lacks an alt form
Shion - Pure miasma, 60/80/125/105/115/65 (Could probably swap defenses, miasma/faith could also work if there's no alt form)
The test hack also included LoLK and TH17 demo characters but they only have two sprites each so I couldn't put them into tweaked yet.

Fan-made hacks / Re: Touhoumon Blue - Zeph's Edited Version
« on: May 31, 2019, 06:19:05 PM »
Also currently bug testing playing myself and I'll save most of my comments for the end but I ran into an issue that should probably be answered now: What does the miracle mallet do? I'm assuming it does something when sukuna holds it, but the text is glitched (CARE service.) so I'm not sure what.
Aside from that I'm curious if you drew the new sprites themselves because most of them are pretty solid (even while looking for sprites for a personal project I wasn't able to find a good chibi of sumereko)

Fan-made hacks / Re: Touhoumon Tweaked Version (Version 1.15 is out!)
« on: March 28, 2017, 06:38:04 PM »
Updated to the newer version, the starter triangle is now back (decided on reimu/marisa/kokoro) and updated a few minor things as well. Full details are in the changelog.

Movesets / Re: [WIP]Advent Cirno
« on: September 20, 2016, 02:42:36 AM »
she also got Superpower and Poison Jab but, again, it isn't worth it
<-- These two really beg to differ with poison jab not being worth it, as both of them wall the suggest set pretty hard without it.
With poison jab, however, you stand a fair chance at beating these two.
+1 252 Atk AdCirno Poison Jab vs. 252 HP / 252+ Def DKaguya: 460-544 (91.26 - 107.93%) -- 50% chance to OHKO
+1 252 Atk AdCirno Poison Jab vs. 252 HP / 252+ Def HStarSapphire: 324-384 (84.37 - 100%) -- 6.25% chance to OHKO
Considering how threatning these two are, poison jab a very worthy alternative to waterfall, which can still deal with rin pretty well, which is nice since she counters you pretty hard without waterfall:
252 Atk AdCirno Waterfall vs. 252 HP / 0 Def Rin: 408-484 (106.25 - 126.04%) -- guaranteed OHKO
-1 252 Atk AdCirno Waterfall vs. 252 HP / 0 Def Rin: 272-324 (70.83 - 84.37%) -- guaranteed 2HKO (will still KO if you are burned by will-O-wisp)
Picking between the two is generally a matter of which one your team can handle better, but both have their uses.

As for team support, having fire resists is super helpful since the x4 weakness she has tends to attract a lot of them, especially ones with high defenses like DMokou and kisume. Speaking of kisume, a wind or nature type to deal with water types is also nice, since a lot of them of them wall AdCirno's STAB options and quite a few carry a resistance to miasma (murasa and chiyuri come to mind)
Namazu in particular seems like a nice choice for a teammate, as it takes little damage from fire type moves and outright heals off water moves, punishing a lot of AdCirno's common counters.

Sorry if it's not the best advice, since I haven't fought a 1.8 battle in a long time, but hope that helps out a bit.

If you are that concerned over IV's, maybe just apply that hidden IV's patch? As everyone else put it, unless the maingame is just plain brutal (see: dosent's touhoumon hack, at least the endgame), you can get through the maingame by using pretty much anything, even if it's IV's/nature are absolute garbage. (comp is a different story though, even though tweaked has no comp that I'm aware of)
Also feel like this might be one of the few times where the :rolldice: may be appropriate.

Still starter debating after taking a month-long break. Mainly because kokoro is so absurdly frail that I doubt she'll be fit as a mono-starter. (for context in my test run she fainted at about gym 5, and even before that she was doing a pretty bad job at tanking hits) Then again shingyoku had the same issue with being outsped by everything, and in yellow pikachu was both frail and not very powerful once you got past about gym 2.
Debating on going back to a starter trio at this point to be honest. If anything I could go with a modified 1.5 triangle, just with a heart-type to help curb marisa. I'd probably bump reimu down to a 540 BST if that was the case. (dunno if there's a tanky heart-type in the 530/540 BST base though and no satori does not count)
Re-opened the poll for it and added a possible option for the pre-TPDP starters.
also if anyone has a script to reset a puppet's EV totals, that would be massively appreciated, since I'm not the best at scripting myself and Fire Red does not have the berries do that like emerald does.

Fan-made hacks / Re: Touhoumon Tweaked Version (Version 1.13 is out!)
« on: March 24, 2016, 03:45:37 PM »
So I bugged around Seafoam Island trying to find the Dew for the tree, to the point where I gave up and cracked open a map editor. Apparently it's located behind the rapids where it's impossible to get to until you move the rocks into the right place, but the problem is when you do, the area in the walls you hollowed out where it's supposed to be seem to revert back to the original unedited map, meaning that it's impossible to get to it at all.
is there something I'm missing, or...?
i'd post pics but I'm not sure if it counts as spoiler or not

Blank unwalkable tile.
I actually ran into that problem in my own test run, and that seems like it's what's happening. I eventually wound up moving it a floor up and it seems to be working all right? did miss that blank tile though I'll made sure to fix that.
Also one negative thing about kokoro as a starter is that she's pretty dang frail for a starter at 75/60/60. (I just realized that if I had Reimu/Marisa/Kokoro as a starter triangle, that would still work out well in terms of type. thoughts? I might put Kokoro's defenses back at 75/70/50 in that case and nerf Reimu's BST a tiny bit)

Fan-made hacks / Re: Touhoumon Tweaked Version (Version 1.13 is out!)
« on: March 08, 2016, 12:43:26 AM »
Messed around a bit more with a test run with kokoro: already hit a ton of stuff I've missed. Most notably, the secret item in seafoam was just not working no matter what I did with it, so I just moved it up a level, which should hopefully make it work properly.
Also thoughts: should ALuize be mixed? I'm debating on making it a swift special attacker. for reference, her current spread is 75/80/60/95/75/125 and I'm thinking of changing it to 75/70/60/105/75/125. Thoughts?

Fan-made hacks / Re: Touhoumon Tweaked Version (Version 1.13 is out!)
« on: March 04, 2016, 06:53:31 PM »
I'm still more fond to a 3 starter choice.

Also, I don't quite remember if kokoro is ghost here, I've seen it as ghost in other places. I think ghost is a weird type for a starter.
I tried so hard to get 3 starter choice going, but it was such an absolute mess balance-wise that I eventually got fed up and just went with a single starter choice. (I didn't want to do faith/heart/reason and fire/water/grass got smashed by the fact that puppets with those typings in the 530/540 BST range were pretty rare, especially on water's end.)

And Kokoro's Heart/ghost here. Thankfully, unlike shoddy the chibi is pure heart, so she dosen't have to worry about the early game beast hell that shingyoku has to worry about if she does become a starter.

I'm going to note, tenshi's actually been a starter before in this hack, so I shouldn't have TOO much of an issue adapting her to be one again. if I change kokoro it'll probably be to make her sp. defense a bit better. (and I'll probably change the rival puppets to be sanae/reimu)

...actually I just realized that if I removed [inspoiler]bubble-typed kogasa[/inspoiler], I would have enough slots to fit in Sumireko. Then again that's only if she even HAS four sprites. It was hard enough just finding four sprites for the TD & DDC casts, finding four for a new character is going to be a nightmare.

*night edit!*
Found two more bugs while working on the test rom.
1. Fantasy seal just flat-out ignores protect. I dunno if this was intended or not but it'll now be blocked by protect in the next version.
2. The master ball displays the wrong text in hard mode. It should display the right text in the next version.

Fan-made hacks / Re: Touhoumon Tweaked Version (Version 1.13 is out!)
« on: March 01, 2016, 06:26:40 PM »
funny thing, I think it WAS Musou tensei at one point in development. That would explain why I forgot to change it back to reason type. XD

Also debating on changing the starter AGAIN, since I feel like not many people are going to want to start their adventure with a puppet as obscure as shingyoku. As with last time, don't have many good options for starters but I'm debating on tenshi and kokoro if I DID want to go with a different starter. (although I'd probably balance out kokoro's defenses to make her a bit more manageable?)

Fan-made hacks / Re: Touhoumon Tweaked Version (Version 1.1 is out!)
« on: February 13, 2016, 10:11:10 PM »
I did what my signature said and finished UnNamed, so I'll be active here again. XD
Fixed the issue with low kick, I'm confused as to how I didn't find that earlier. Also fixed a few other things and made a tiny change to two puppet lines that I'm probably going to get complaints about.

Fan-made hacks / Re: Touhoumon Unnamed (1.8)
« on: January 27, 2016, 06:48:20 PM »
So I was going through with the nuzlocke grinding and I found something... off about AKokoro:

(the second frame she's aligned properly but the first frame she's not)

Fan-made hacks / Re: Touhoumon Tweaked Version (Version 1.1 is out!)
« on: January 27, 2016, 05:59:17 PM »
So ive been playing through myself after helping my friend, and some bugs I noticed:
-For some reason, some of the music changes dont function right. The Rival plays a random sound effect instead of having the music start, and Oak at the beginning has the music cut out strangely until you get into the lab. Also the Mystia in Pewter outright kills the music. I don't know if it has to do with the patch or the base rom but it happens.
-This person in the 2nd gym

-CIchirin has brown spots from what I assume is being over Spinda. I don't know if this is fixable though.
-The battles against the gym leaders play a song that isn't First Suite from Far East
Don't know much about the music so I'm not sure how to fix it to be honest. same with the spinda colors. (it used to be on ExIchirin before I decided to swap it to something that wasn't fully evolved)
Did change the trainer into a lass.


Seriously though, there's an oversight in the Game Corner berry rewards. The "Salac" awards the player a Rabuta instead, which is completely wrong compared to the rest of the rewards.
Fixed! Just updated the main thread with the new patch, as well as another oversight nobody pointed out. (hina still gave out speed EVs)

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