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Metagame Discussion / Re: Is Power Yukari Broken as a starter in YnK?
« on: October 14, 2016, 05:44:07 AM »
At least she's worth it if your opponent lets you wait the 5 turns though.

That's what makes the whole difference between the two games.
Before: crap even once the 5 turns elapsed.
After: she gets her first boost straight away in the end of the 5 turns, making her already very very dangerous at this very moment.

Other notable difference: once Serious, she's out of her gap, and she's gorgeous: Serious
Thumbs up if like me you use the alt costume, and make her use Overrun so that it totally looks like her using her "Fantasy Nest" spellcard in soku.

Metagame Discussion / Re: Is Power Yukari Broken as a starter in YnK?
« on: September 08, 2016, 12:12:28 PM »

She deserved her buff between base and YnK, and PYukari is certainly not overpowered. If she manages to start getting serious, it's the opponent's fault most of the time. Even then, she still has an average defense that can easily be broken. Not to mention that scarves (or other speed boosts) and priority are things that do exist.

Oh, and Gravity Blast is NOT the move to use with her: you should use Unknown Flare+Overrun. Unknown Flare has 30% chance to confuse the opponent, which is excellent for her, as a confused opponent wastes its turns, thus help her getting even more boosts. Not to mention that if it doesn't confuse the opponent, you still can keep wasting turns with Force Shield for free boosts. And Overrun... meh it's a 100 stab, and her using it looks quite a lot like her soku spellcard (Fantasy Nest).

My opinion: try to fight puppets that have a level equal to hers, or to netplay. You'll understand that she's far from being broken, as she will get smacked in the face more often than not. But you know, even if she gets Serious and stomp the entire opponent team, that's just how it happens most of the time with any puppet: a match is often won/lost way before the very end.

Touhou Puppet Dance Performance / Re: Randomized TPDP?
« on: August 22, 2016, 08:44:21 AM »
Can you be a bit more explicit about what you're talking about please? I don't understand what it means.

Same here.I sometimes logged in but never encountered people.Its probably due to the fact that actually there is not enough people owning/knowing about the game?

I believe lot of pokemon/anime's lover would probably try this game if they known about it,but unlike most of hardcore touhoufan,they are not aware about Touhou Puppet dance Performance.
And even if they do,they probably dont know about the TPDP Bridge matchmaking.

I did my job regarding FR communities. However, I will admit that I don't think many people will actually try the game if they have to buy it and I'm prick enough in order not to give them a free download.

I have never seen anyone over the bridge and eventually gave up trying to find opponents there.
I'd really like to find opponents though.

Metagame Discussion / Re: Extra Kosuzu set idea
« on: July 27, 2016, 08:37:15 AM »
Actually you don't need Google Translate. Maybe only once, to understand what are the miscellaneous data in the page correspond to, but that's about it.
Just copy the names of the skills, items and abilities, then do a search of these japanese words in the skills, items and abilities in the English wiki, as it contains the original japanese names.
It also works the other way : you do have the japanese name of the puppets written in their profile of the wiki, so you can paste their name in the URL on suwako's website to get their page straight away. Don't forget the letter of the form you want, of course.

Metagame Discussion / Re: Extra Kosuzu set idea
« on: July 26, 2016, 09:51:33 PM »
Hi and welcome.

You do can check the setup tendencies of the puppets on the suwako website. The most used skills, items and PP setups are usually the most efficient ones for a given puppet, but it doesn't prevent you from going a bit out of the borders if you have a special setup in mind. At least they can give you good directions.

EKosuzu, for example:

According to that page, the top most used moves last week are:
Purgatory Flicker (31.53%)
First Aid (26.63%)
Aqua Cutter (25.82%)
Will-o'-Wisp (20%)
But it differs from the moves since the release of the game. And more importantly, the top most used one is used in only 31% of the setups, while this number is usually between 60% and 90% for most puppets. So it means that there are clearly many ways to build your EKosuzu, and that you have a fair chance of making her hard to predict.

As for the scroll, the most used ones seem to be the red and the black ones.

Aside from this, I cannot really give an opinion on your setup yet, as I've started netplay a few days ago and the wiki is down right now. I may be able to tell you more tomorrow.

I may drop by shortly soon, I am currently building enough lvl100 dolls to have solme intense matches.

Touhou Puppet Dance Performance / How to buy TPDP and work BuddyDRM
« on: July 07, 2016, 12:22:02 PM »

Just a head's up: as far as I can see today, BuddyDRM isn't necessary anymore, as there isn't any key given anymore and we can install the game straight away by downloading it from Melonbooks. It goes the same with the game extention "Yume no Kakera". We just download the game, unzip, launch the installer, and it's already working.

You may want to include the link to YnK in this tutorial by the way.

Fan-made hacks / Re: Touhoumon Unnamed (1.8)
« on: June 29, 2016, 07:23:45 PM »
Will this hack ever be updated soon?
It's been quite a while it doesn't seem to, and if overall I'm rather satisfied, there are a few issues that would be nice to address.

1) The 50% power buff for attack compatibility ruins everything
This thing, out of Pokémon mechanics, ruins just everything in terms of versatility. A damn TON of moves are simply useless for our puppets, simply because you're better off using one of the moves that correspond to one of its two types.
If this horrible thing was nerfed (I think that 15% would be a better compromise), that would allow us to really have a use for alternate moves. For ewample, I'd have gladly taught Thunder Punch and Ice Punch to my Lily Black if 75*2 was much greater than 90*1.5 (Soar and Dark Pulse).

2) The general mechanics behind many moves that make them near-useless.
You know, these moves that no one ever uses, because they simply rely on luck way too much, are too situational (thus waste a move slot that could be far more useful) or simply because you're better off hitting quick and hard. Things like Sing, Snatch, Recycle, Foresight, and God knows what else.

3) A few poor movesets.
There are some movesets that are extremely disapointing. Either the puppet learns moves that are completely useless for its level (because hey it already has much better in stock), or it is repetitive, or they lack any originality/strategy. My biggest disapointment came from Kagerou, who learned Beast attacks one after the other with barely any subtlety or difference of power between each other, with barely any support skill at all.

3) ZFairy is the worst pain in the ass to capture, ever.
I have nothing against this or that pokemon/doll being a bitch to catch due to 1/2 problematic moves, but ZFairy is really overdone in this domain. She simply cumulates all the worst conditions to be caught. Even a legendary is child's play compared to her!
You know, when a legendary Pokemon/Puppter is hard to catch, it is quite normal because hey you're supposed to have a hard time to catch it. You do can build a special special team only to capture THAT legendary with maximum success chances. I managed to catch all legendaries so far by wasting all their problematic moves PP with Coerce, by weakening them to near death with False Swipe (it leaves only 1HP), then sending them to sleep, then ultra orb spam till they finally give up.

But ZFairy... it's a whole new level of being a plain pain. First, each and EVERY of its 4 moves are there only to be a pain in the ass for you : Teleport, Self-Destruct, Memento and Perish Song. Three to commit suicide, one to flee! She has only 1HP, so there's no weakening her.
The last but not the least, her catch rate is so low that you have even less chances to capture her than to capture a legendary! I have already thrown dozens, dozens, dozens and dozens of ultra orbs at her, I have never been able to catch her.
So overall, what's the best thing to do right now? You turn in circles in Cinabar Mansion for hours and hours and HOURS, because to top off all this, she has a low spawn chance. Even if you do meet one, what do you do? You just use Sing/Hypnosis and pray that the 60% hit connects so it sleeps. Forget about Yawn and its 100% accuracy, of course. It it doesn't connect, consider that if she used Perish Song, you've been lucky. Otherwise, you're off to turn in the mansion again to find another. If by pure miracle you managed to make her sleep, you have to pray now that one of the few orbs (meaning : between 1 and 4) that you'll throw at her will manage to catch her, because once she wakes up it's basically GAME OVER for you. And then circles in the mansion again.

And all this for what? A generic zombie fairy that is worthless in actual combat?

4) The dex is still missing quite a lot of entries.
Well, this by itself would justify an update.

Overall, I have rather enjoyed this hack, but the good things that it contains (mostly having everyone till Ten Desires being dispatched a bit everywhere) are ruined by being an unfinished game that seems to be abandoned. Yet another hack that won't come out of the lot, overall and sadly.

Touhou Puppet Dance Performance / Re: Questions
« on: November 23, 2015, 08:33:34 PM »
If you are talking about end game stuff not sure what you are really talking about... O.o ChenA is broken, RumiaP effectively has base 217 spread attack and DaiyouseiD makes for an extremely potent late game wall. Also Wakasagi Kogasa, the list goes on and if you include 90 cost as well then you have KeineD and MomijiS which are both powerhouses.

Higher cost might have a slightly higher total base stats but not enough to make a significant difference in your choices for late game puppets and a level 100 80Cost will have far more stats than a level 81 120 cost. The more important factor is where the stats are allocated typing movepool and ability.

Unless you are talking about building competitive teams and then  unfortunately you are optimizing for the best possible thing you can do (though 80 costs still have a chance there) but trained 80 cost puppets can easily dispatch all the post game fights.

Kasen's wilds are the best EXP until you can solo Yuki rematch (a level 100 Chen should have no troubles) then just keep killing her and reseting.. Aya is probably the best puppet for grinding others as she can quite easily solo Yuki, Mai and Yumeko before gapping back to start again. You should be able to get 2 6S rank puppets in about 50-100 magical fragments and then from there it will only take like 10-20 fragments to make perfect puppets. Fastest place to farm fragments is Mayohiga but you should get tons from exp grinding in general as literally everything in the game has at least a 20% chance to drop fragments if they drop an item.

Might make a video on how to make 2 6s rank puppets efficiently at some point but... lazy x.x

Power Rumia is completely USELESS, because she cannot stand damage AND is too slow.
Defense Luize is completely helpless aswell, because she's just not fast enough to make the opponent flinch, while flinching is the main reason to have her secondary effect boost. That is, if she's lucky enough to make the 60% flinching actually work.
Defense Keine (I'm assuming with Hakutaku ability) is barely any useful aswell, because it takes her to take damage AND remain alive to start kicking some ass. That is, if she's quicker than her opponent after transforming.
Assist Akyuu is a joke aswell, because if on the paper she might be able to kick some ass by trapping the opponent in a slow and agonizing death, the reality is that just every enemy puppet is polyvalent enough to have at least one move to beat up the poor Akyuu.
Assist Kotohime is the worst, with her very average stats, her lack of powerful moves, lack of defense, and a next to useless ability.

And besides this, all the Cost 110-120 that I have raised have their fair share of fearsome power and/or speed. My only useful 80 power that I tried are Speed Dai, Power Lily (both for Fairy Dance+Energy Absorb), and Assist Chen. All the rest is MEH.

Sure you do can make something not too bad out of some 80-90 cost, but that just won't cut out the fact that 110-120 remain superior to them. Even if these 80 Cost are playable, it takes them quite some strategy to make something out of them, while Cost 110-120 can just spam the bigass powerful attacks and call it a day. And the "bigass attack spam" is basically all the endgame is made of, by the way.

Metagame Discussion / Re: Assist Chen Analysis
« on: November 20, 2015, 03:07:04 PM »
That Prank is only a troll for yourself actually, as you're most likely off for more than the opponent's HP by having an all-rounder Chen.

Touhou Puppet Dance Performance / Re: Questions
« on: November 20, 2015, 03:04:16 PM »
One thing has been forgotten in everything that has been said.

Puppets with a higher Cost also have higher stats overall, so it balances out the higher training speed of lower Cost puppets. Basically, as far as I noticed, a Cot 80 puppet and a Cost 100 puppet have an equivalent strength for the same amount of XP, but the Cost 80 will have a higher level.
Except that when you reach the level 100 with a Cost 80 puppet, a Cost 100 puppet with the same amount of XP isn't level 100 yet, and therefore still can get stronger.

So in the end puppets with a higher cost are more powerful, and I think that it really sucks. It really limits your choices to beat the last bosses, notably. You still can try to build good tactics with Cost 80 puppets in an attempt to compensate this, but for some of them it's just a no-no. I really wanted to cry when I saw my ALuize and my PRumia's stats at lvl100 (both are Cost 80), when I compared them to my Cost 110-120 puppet's.

This cost thing and what puppets are of a high cost is what really killed the endgame for me, as I am somehow forced to play certain puppets and to ditch some others. Hence I cannot really play who I really want. Having certain moves being stronger against higher cost puppets doesn't balance it at all, especially when you would just hit harder with a basic high power move. Being able to build Perfect IVs isn't enough to compensate it either, and I'd even say that it plain kills the concept of IVs itself.

Call me the day when Cost 80 are finally getting some kind of buff. :(

Touhou Puppet Dance Performance / Re: Puppet Choices for 2nd Run
« on: September 16, 2015, 10:13:21 PM »
The problem with Assist Akyuu, is that all the puppets used by your opponents are loaded with four attacks of different types, and you can consider yourself very, VERY lucky if they have no attack that can pierce through Akyuu's defense. Not only this, but Assist Akyuu is also too slow to be able to preempt the opponent.

Really, she's garbage, just like Shedinja.

Touhou Puppet Dance Performance / Re: Grinding postgame
« on: September 16, 2015, 10:05:49 PM »
As far as I've experienced, the best way to grind is to place the puppet to train as 1st member of the team with the native grace, start the fight with yuki, then switch out to another puppet. Once you've beaten yuki, you can use the gap map to go heal by Louise, then start again and again, till your puppet is fully trained.
Of course you might want

Little tip: the lower the puppet is than the opponent, the higher the XP multiplicator is. So you can get an insane amount of XP with one single fight with yuki, if the puppet to train is level 1. I think I remember earning something around 180.000XP that way (along with 36PP), and skyrocketing the said puppet straight from Level 1 to Level 54. it took me only a few matches with yuki to get the puppet to level 80.

Really, running around near Kasen's house is a complete waste of time.

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