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Fan-made hacks / Re: Touhoumon Blue - Zeph's Edited Version
« on: February 03, 2020, 01:05:50 AM »
Not dead, just been dealing with a ton of stuff. Turns out nearly killing someone results in a ton of legal nonsense that the movies don't tell you about. Working on hack again.

Okay...40 hours later, here are some things to report:

I think the Undersea Cave is missing some maps: Looking in AdvanceMap and there's some maps present, they WERE present in older versions, but they're not here and appear to be the only location of DCRumia.

Also, the waterfall in Undersea Cave crashes unless I use it from the menu,

I cannot find DCRemilia or DCYuuka on any map.

The floor of the ghost tower where you fight your rival has Sweet Scent encounters, but nothing of value...?

I kinda miss Pyonta from the old versions; Now we're back down to like three bug families.

The maps were removed because I didn't like them, the waterfall stuff will be fixed in next release, how dare you imply Mima has no value, I agree about pyonta he'll probably be added back in first DLC patch.

Question about the EV-less mode, do the evolution requirements for the ATK/DEF evolutions change or is Margatroid pretty much impossible to obtain via evolution outside of some really trashy IV rolls?

EDIT: Interacting with any waterfall (with the Waterfall HM usable) brings up a glitched shop menu which either immediately fades to black indefinitely or opens a shop that sells an absurd amount of Sake with some random items peppered in (Various Orbs, Scarfs, and dummy ???????? items). Using Waterfall manually via the menu works as normal.

Margatroid pretty much requires a defense down or attack up nature.
If ZUN is supposed to have any dialogue post-E4, it's broken.

Also, can't find Kosuzu anywhere, but I found her item.

Dang it, did I break ZUN again? He'll be fixed in the next version.

Fan-made hacks / Re: Touhoumon Blue - Zeph's Edited Version
« on: June 24, 2019, 03:05:55 AM »
...Well then. I'll have to give this version of Blue a try now. Maybe get off my ass and work on the remaining bugs in Zeph's Edits. Who knows?

...I certainly don't. Odds are, I'll just get suckered into PSO2 and FFXIV again...
t b q h you might be better off finding what changes you made to the old version and applying them to this version

i mean what's even the point of playing a touhoumon without clownpiece
Not a bug! The dialog is just wrong because I'm an idiot. Super Rod and Good Rod have had their locations changed because there's absolutely no reason to make the best rod available near the start and the second best rod available at the second furthest point from the start.
About that, I actually figured it was progression-based (as in you'd get the Old-Good-Super by talking to them in order) ans went to talk to the Guru south of Lavender but only got another Good Rod / Nothing. unless its supposed to be somewhere different entirely, in which case idk.

also is Dark Yuuka obtainable or do I just suck at finding things (I found the rest of the Dark puppets)
All the dark mons are obtainable.

Fan-made hacks / Re: Touhoumon Blue - Zeph's Edited Version
« on: June 09, 2019, 09:41:05 PM »
Before I start, I'm Gonna leave out any comments I have about "jank" (encounters, stats, types, signature moves) since that's a part of 1.5's charm
Actually I do have one comment along those lines. There's a LOT of psychic and normal types among the new characters, could probably diversify that a little bit? (Sukuna and kokoro becoming steel-types, for example)
No physical/special split? Dunno how much of a revamp this would require. (I forget if you mention its not in at any point but might be a good idea if you don't implement it)
Trades are still unedited from vanilla FR.
Do the different fairies have different stats or are they just good for collection/evolution? I'm assuming the latter going by their slot and the comments
Level guide would be nice? Not required but nice. I'm making one on my own accord that I'll probably post when I'm fully done.
Move tutors are still around, dunno if you changed the vanilla learnsets or not.
Tooltip on the miracle mallet is messed up (Already clarified)
Evs being removed might be a bit too strict for normal mode, no healing items/forced set might be enough as it is for a lot of people. I can see no evs being a thing on hard/lunatic though.
Zun still says he gives out a DCSuika instead of a kasen and then gives you a regular CSuika. (Kasen is instead obtained in silph in place of lapras)
Super rod guy gives out the great rod, meaning the super rod's normally unobtainable (I fixed this in my own copy)
415 BST on EKyouko? (not counting this as jank since I'm not sure she's supposed to be that low)
CSekibanki/Sekibanki are two different EXP pools from ExSekibanki (medium fast to medium slow)
The items in underwater tunnel regenerate (I forget if this was a thing with older versions of blue as well)
Are last stand and bravado the same move?
Second-to-last rival fight on route 22 is about 5 levels lower than it should be (giovanni's ace is 59 while rival's is 55)
Is there a reward for beating getting both sevii gems? It seems like there's a postgame thing with bill that looks like it would be a good reward
hooray I finally have internet back and can comment on this line by line

I'm curious what jank you're referring to.
Kokoro can't be a steel type because then she'd be steel/ghost which would horn in on Youmu and Youki's niche. Psysteel would horn in on Keine and Eiki. Besides that, steel's the third most common after I think psychic and ghost, so adding more steel would just shift the problem around instead of really fixing it. Minimize is normal type therefore Sukuna is normal-type.

No physical/special split. If such a thing were to be implemented, all I would do with it would change a handful of moves like thunderpunch and blaze kick into physical. There's a number of things balanced around the idea of a lack of a split, such as Rumia choosing between STAB and her massive ATK stat instead of getting both.

Yeah I should probably edit trades someday but last I heard they crashed the game for some unknown reason. I guess I'll add removal or correction of trades to the 1.00 todo list.

Fairies are unown. It's 28 sprites sitting on the same palette and data slot. Just like in normal FireRed there's no reward for catching all forms. They're there because I like fairies.

Level guide would be superfluous and counterproductive to my intent with the hack. When someone plays this for the first time, they do things in the order they're familiar with: Pewter, Cerulean, so on and so forth. Much of this hack is built around that idea and plays with that idea by presenting familiar challenges at familiar points, such as Misty packing a Water/other evolved mon with a self-healing move and a secondary stab that's hard to defend against. During this first playthrough, provided the player does things in that order, fights every trainer along the way, and sticks with a team of 6, (the single most common style of first playthrough) they will always be at the level the area is designed around. It's usually not until the second playthrough that they start doing things like trying to get surf for Brock, and by then they already have a decent idea of what level they need to be when. Providing them that additional information about levels would encourage players to do specific things at specific levels because they know they are able to when they normally wouldn't out of a sense of unfamiliarity and trepidation.

Move tutors are there and edited.

Still haven't fixed that lol, maybe in another week I'll be able to.

Frankly I considered removing EVs from easymode. I could go on another long autistic rant but I'm not gonna. I find EVs to be one of the worst ideas in a series whose ideas I mostly despise.

oops, forgot to update the bufferpokemon value

Not a bug! The dialog is just wrong because I'm an idiot. Super Rod and Good Rod have had their locations changed because there's absolutely no reason to make the best rod available near the start and the second best rod available at the second furthest point from the start.





This is intentional! It'll make more sense and have more things to it come 0.99 where the game tracks the rival's progress through the gyms instead of listing every gym as something he beat by default. His dialog also should have changed a bit to reflect something.

yeah the reward is that you can trade with 2humon purple and laugh as everything explodes to death from glitches and desynchronization

Normally I wouldn't double post but this mechanic I found's pretty major.
If you finish the sevii islands quest with the ruby/sapphire, the E4 WILL use their postgame teams, even if you haven't beaten them normally. I don't know if this was intended but still worth it to point out (Level 65 on the champ's ace for pre-sevii E4 vs. level 64 on lorelei's weakest puppet on the post-sevii team)
There is no* postgame, you're right that I accidentally typed an 0x2 instead of an 0x3 somewhere and the champ's using the wrong team.
*you can refight the gym leaders i guess that's a postgame but there's no reward

Fan-made hacks / Re: Touhoumon Tweaked Version (Version 1.15 is out!)
« on: June 02, 2019, 03:18:35 AM »
This will be game corner exclusive if it were to be added in.

the only comment i have on any of this is that i'm stealing that idea because it is really good

Fan-made hacks / Re: Touhoumon Blue - Zeph's Edited Version
« on: May 31, 2019, 07:15:52 PM »
quick q, are the Dark/Rocket forms still available? them not having a dex entry leads me to believe no, but I remember one or two were missable so I'm afraid to continue much farther without knowing.
They're still available. If you gun straight for the elite four after Giovanni instead of doing sevii islands at some point it should be possible to miss one of them. Good luck actually beating the e4 like that though you'll be 20 levels below them.

They'll get stuff back when the first dlc patch gets finished.

oh hey someone using something i made as an avatar

Also currently bug testing playing myself and I'll save most of my comments for the end but I ran into an issue that should probably be answered now: What does the miracle mallet do? I'm assuming it does something when sukuna holds it, but the text is glitched (CARE service.) so I'm not sure what.
Aside from that I'm curious if you drew the new sprites themselves because most of them are pretty solid (even while looking for sprites for a personal project I wasn't able to find a good chibi of sumereko)

Ah, good catch. It increases her special stats.

Yes, I made the sprites myself. Mostly with a laptop touchpad in paint. I eventually switched to a mouse.

Fan-made hacks / Re: Touhoumon Blue - Zeph's Edited Version
« on: March 10, 2015, 01:19:28 AM »
As there is no way that I can see to get in touch with him


I should see if I can find my old to-do list at you or something, since the main reason I gave up was being unable to code some asm stuff needed for me to feel like it was 'done.'

Also you have my blessings or whatever, idgaf what you do with the room. I don't even care if I'm credited or not.

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