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Creative Conundrum / Re: Generation 4/5/6 abilities for Touhous?
« on: September 16, 2015, 08:03:01 AM »
Magnet Pull Ruukoto because there is no escape
Magnet Pull is introduced in the third gen.

Creative Conundrum / Re: LoLK and ULiL Puppets!
« on: September 16, 2015, 07:48:54 AM »
Official Pokemon Typing:
Sumireko: Psychic
Seiran: Grass (because of wooden hammer)
Ringo: Normal/Water (want to be more creative than just Normal, so chose Water due to fighting her over a lake)
Doremy: Psychic
Sagume: Flying/Ice (her appearance screams Ice-type to me, and also because her stage theme has "Frozen Capital" in it)
Clownpiece: Fairy
Junko: Fire/Ghost (Fire because of the fire-like energy behind her and Ghost because she is a divine spirit that is a "grudge incarnate")
Hecatia: Rock/Dark (Rock because of her "planets" and Dark because she comes from hell)

1.8 Typing:
Sumireko: Reason
Seiran: Heart/Grass
Ringo: Heart/Water
Doremy: Reason
Sagume: Flying/Faith
Clownpiece: Heart
Junko: Fire/Ghost
Hecatia: Earth/Dark

Sagume and Hecatia should both be Faith types given the fact that they're both Goddesses.
Being a goddess doesn't necessary mean they should be Faith-type.  The Aki Sisters and Hina are goddesses but aren't Faith-type.  Plus, I don't think many people wants to worship the goddess of hell (Hecatia)...

Creative Conundrum / Re: Hypothetical 6th gen. TPP
« on: September 22, 2014, 07:33:14 AM »
Just because I played 1.8 hacks made by people who know what they're doing doesn't mean I'm not allowed to prefer GameFreak's official type chart.

Also, using the official type chart for 1.8's evolution system sounds like it may work to me.

And how does Dark being immune to Psychic make no sense?  Dark-types are about playing dirty and using deception, and such methods can allow one to play tricks and mess with other people's minds, which is what Psychic-type is all about, so the latter can't read their minds properly.  Dark-type is also based on the concept of evil (as evident of its Japanese name) to some extent, and if a person's mind is full of horrifying stuff, mind readers probably wouldn't want to read it, as they might psychologically harm themselves in doing so, thus explaining the immunity to Psychic-type moves.

Creative Conundrum / Re: Hypothetical 6th gen. TPP
« on: August 22, 2014, 01:49:52 PM »
I think Seiga works as a Dark/Ground-type as well, considering her ability to "dig" holes, and in Touhou 13, you first encounter her underground.  Aichiya Sanae's 1.8 Enhanced has her as Earth/Heart-type.

Speaking of Ground-type, one thing I don't like about 1.8 is that Rock and Ground-type are merged together.  In Pokemon, it's a common practice for Ground-types to have Ground and Rock moves and Rock-types to have both those moves as well in order to give them perfect coverage and also an effective way for dealing with Flying-types, not to mention a quick way to fill up move slots.

1.8 merging those two ruined things for me because of this.  It's true that some Earth-types are able to learn elemental punches to deal with types they can't hit, but I still prefer that Rock and Ground be separate.  I imagine a Rock-type Rock Bullet to be a very devastating move in the metagame!

Also, Dark-type is probably better off being immune to Reason-type.  Not being immune to it sort of ruins the point of Dark-type's creation in the first place...

And for people saying that Bug-type is underused in 1.5, I can say the same for Illusion-type.

Creative Conundrum / Re: Hypothetical 6th gen. TPP
« on: August 20, 2014, 08:57:33 AM »
One last minor nitpick on this, but six Yukkuris? even one is kind of excessive, but six is way too much.
Yeah, I think I went overboard with that...

Any idea why female shingyoku gets intimidate, while male shingyoku gets the MUCH less useful for his HA? Kotohime with firm grip is pretty random.
The horns on female Shingyoku gives her an intimidating and fierce appearance, while the male version's appearance is like a meditating priest who doesn't get distracted by things so easily.

Kotohime canonically likes to collect interesting (in her opinion) things, so I thought of her being very protective about her things and not letting them get taken away.

Any idea what "Miracle Star" is on sanae?
Did I not mention it in the file?  Anyway, it's Victini's Victory Star.

fire/reason is also an interesting typing, however.)
Yumemi's Reason/Ice-type in 1.8, I believe.

Once again, keep in mind that this isn't being made at all and is simply something fun I came up with out of boredom a long time ago, but it wasn't until recently did I decided to share with everyone else to hear some opinions and comments.

Creative Conundrum / Re: Hypothetical 6th gen. TPP
« on: August 19, 2014, 12:13:07 PM »
The topic says "hypothetical," so this isn't being made at all.  It's just a "what if" if I am somehow skilled enough to make a generation 6 hack.

Basically, I was bored when I made all these.  I simply felt like sharing, that's all.

i think you should play a 1.8 hack instead of basing everything off 1.5 standards honestly. a lot's changed, including balance.
I did play the 1.8 games before, and I do enjoy them.  The reason I envision things with the original types is that it allows a bit more creativity, if you can call it, when coming up with types for the Puppets.  For example: Mamizou is Nature/Beast-type in 1.8, both of which are predictable types for her, but in 1.5, there's no Beast-type.  While she can be pure Grass-type, it's more fun trying to come up with a possible secondary typing.  I chose Rock-type based on the fact that her last name has the word "rock" in it and that she can change into a stone statue in Touhou 13.5.

Honestly saying, the "brand" new types in 1.8 don't appeal to me in the way that they don't allow much creativity.  This Puppet is a follower of a certain religion?  Just slap Faith-type onto it.  This Puppet is based off a land animal?  Just slap Beast-type onto it.  No comment on Heart-type, though.  In fact, I don't even think I know the explanation behind it...

What are the Puppets from #143 to #158 ? I've never heard of them before... Are they PC98 stage ennemies (Like Tongue Ghost and Fairies) ? You can add Tori and 2hu too, I think.
Mushroom Demon, Rain Fairy, Enenra, Dark Dragon, Dragon Child, Dapeng, Raijuu, and the Tsuchinoko are all from the official comics.  Divine Spirit is the mid-boss of Touhou 13.

Uh, the only bugs you added are Pyonta (Bug/Fighting wtf ?!

And there's also Mega Miko as a Bug-type, because I envision her Mega form having the butterfly wings seen in some of her spell cards in Touhou 13.

Creative Conundrum / Re: Hypothetical 6th gen. TPP
« on: August 19, 2014, 05:12:36 AM »
I think you could slap Gale Wing on Aya on a harmless thing like Mystia (whose abilities are shitty anyway).
Even in Pokemon, not every one of them has useful abilities.

Why is Konngara a Fairy Type, of all things, when it is definitively a knight (= Steel type) ?
Her species, the yaksha, is considered a type of fairy.

Why Contrary/Sap Sipper Byakuren ? It sounds really weird to me when Magic Guard fits the character quite well.
I gave her Sap Sipper based on the confirmation that she's a vegetarian.  I also intend for her to be a pseudo-legendary, and all pseudos in Pokemon have at least one immunity, which is also a reason for that ability.

As for Contrary, I originally thought it would be cool for her to have that ability and possess moves like Psycho Boost, Superpower, Close Combat, etc. so that she can abuse them.  Symposium of Post-mysticism says that there are many things about her that people don't know about or something like that, and I remember fans coming up with the theory that she's actually a shady person, which "contradicts" her peace-loving personality.

Anyway,  to my mind a Gen VI TPP should be based on Touhoumon 1.8, because the 1.5 mechanics look horribly outdated and unbalanced (only 2 Bugs for a billion of Dark/Psychic/Normal). Also some types make absolutely no sense to me (Fire/Ice Yumemi... just why ?)
Though I got accustomed to 1.8 typing, I still prefer 1.5 typing.  That list is actually only a small part of a bigger list I made, which has some extra Bug-types thrown into it.

Yumemi is Fire/Ice-type because that is her typing in 1.5 versions.

Anyway, here's the full version of the list:

Creative Conundrum / Re: Hypothetical 6th gen. TPP
« on: August 18, 2014, 01:05:55 PM »
It's working for me.  Anyway, the link has been updated.

Creative Conundrum / Hypothetical 6th gen. TPP
« on: August 18, 2014, 07:05:18 AM »
This is my list of Puppets with typing and abilities from the 6th gen., with some Megas thrown into the mix.

What do you think?

Full version:

EDIT: Some type corrections made.

ROM Hacks + General Discussion / Re: ReimuFate?
« on: May 30, 2014, 12:42:54 PM »
I made an account here to talk about this.

I applied the patches to a clean JPN Fire Red ROM, but nothing happened...  I tried both Lunar IPS and WinIPS too.

Did I do anything wrong?

Are you really sure it's a Fire Red ROM and not a 1.8 ROM?

Thanks in advance!

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