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I'm creating a Touhoumon 1.8 Game! It's called "Touhou Puppet Play: Unlimited"!

It's a challenging Touhoumon Game made by RPG Maker XP.

It'll contain:
  • A new type! Fairy-Type! (And no, Fairy-Types will not be immune against Faith-Types!)
  • A New Form for Cirno!
  • Custom Shinies!
  • Field Effects! Like Pokemon Reborn and Rejuvenation!
  • Side Quests for getting Items or Puppets!
  • 16 Gyms!
  • Shadow Puppets!
  • More Puppets! These New Puppets are going to be from Touhou 14.5: Urban Legend in Limbo and any of the later games.
  • Chapters!

A few years ago, there is a region called the Lomert Region. This region is where different kinds of Puppets live. As time flies, new Puppets will appear in Lomert. Until one day, a human named Cleo wanted to create a Puppet League for the region, the Lomert League. The Lomert League is for Trainers all over the world who wanted to compete. The goal for the Lomert League is to battle Gym Leaders and win. If one beats all 16 Gym Leaders, they must go to the Puppet League, battle the Elite 4 and the Champion so they'll become the next Lomert League Champion.

However, things will not go easy today. An Evil Gang, called Team Carnage, wants to destroy the Lomert Region and claim it as their territory. While their doing their main plan, they made a machine to mutate certain Puppets and use them as their main tools for destroying Lomert. Not only that, they also made another machine to turn Puppets into Shadow Puppets.

It's up to you to stop Team Carnage, save the Region and become Champion!

So, got any questions/comments for the game?

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