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Title: People who can spin.
Post by: PrinnyAce on June 27, 2013, 01:40:17 AM
Alright here is a hastily made list of touhoumons who can spin. If I missed anyone tell me. If people want me to spread out the forms instead of having this all form list tell me. Also tell me what chibis can spin so I can make a list for them.

Users of Rapid Spin:

All Chen forms
All Kisume forms
All Kogasa forms
All Nitori forms
All Tewi forms
All Hina forms
Attack Lily Black
Technical Sekibanki

Users of Twister:

All Shizuha forms (including Aki Sisters)
All Kogasa forms
All Meiling forms
All Utsuho forms
All Aya forms (including Tenma)
All Sariel forms
All Raiko forms
Defense Wriggle
Technial Kyouko