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Title: Elite 4 Rematch farming
Post by: KuroShinki on December 19, 2015, 07:41:55 PM
Before I start, I want to ask: which farming spot is better between Elite 4 and Kasen's house? I mean in terms of EXP gain x give time. Meaning: which is faster?

I've spent the last 2 hours on figuring out a strategy to farm the Elite4 Rematch, and I'm pretty close. I can farm them with only 3 (AChen, PAya, PShinki) except versus Shinki, where I managed to beat her once. Otherwise, I lose against Shinki (Dat Shinkis in the last sentence). I generally use items during the battle, starting from Yumeko: That's another thing that I wanted to avoid, since it's a waste of time.

Of course, my PAya has Salvo + Twister, and the 5-hits earth move (can't remember the name).

A note: when I started, both my Aya and Shinki weren't at lv 100, and still managed to help me. Also, I had some lv 80s (PMokou, DKeine, SFlandre) which I occasionally used.

Now, I would like some suggestion on where I can fix things. Here are my notes, copied from my handy-dandy notepad:


Use AChen:

SMokou - Waves of Earth
SFuto - Godspeed Air Raid
SSuwako   - Mist Fog
SUtsuho - Godspeed Air Raid
SYoumu -    Waves of Earth
SFlandre - Chrome Ray

Heal, because Chen should have a damage caused by Mokou's ability

Use Chen (my Aya now is almost 100. I have to try to start with her here).

SElis   - Waves of Earth
PNue (Camouflage as PRaiko)   Waves of Earth, finish with Godspeed Air Raid
PKasen - Godspeed Air Raid, she will resist and probably one-shot Chen. If that happens...

Switch with Aya
PKasen - Twister
DYuuka - Transcend Form
SRemilia -   Twister
PRaiko - Spirit Stone Jig

probably she can't take it. Switch with Shinki and finish things.


From here, is kinda random. My lv 80s (now 90s) help me out, and that's what I don't want. I want to beat all 4 with only 3 charas.


Enemies weakness are (All CAPS mean a double weakness):

PSakuya - Fire Fighting Sound   
PTenshi - Water Nature Fighting
SHijiri - Wind Illusion
PKokoro -  DARK
PMiko - Water Earth Dark Illusion
SYumeko - Fire Earth Fighting



Enemies weakness are (All CAPS mean a double weakness):

PMima - DARK
DYukari - Steel Illusion Sound <-- Tons of both Focus and Spread defense
PToyohime - ELECTRIC Poison
PYorihime - Fire Dark
PSariel - Steel Fighting
PShinki - Steel Illusion SOUND
Title: Re: Elite 4 Rematch farming
Post by: Amenomori on December 20, 2015, 01:17:12 PM
The way I farm is like this:

I just use PAya with this moveset and spread:
Ability: Salvo
EVs: 2 HP / 64 FAtk / 64 Spe
Red Emblem
- Spark Javelin (for Futo in particular, Electric)
- Spirit Stone Jig (the 5x Earth move)
- Twister (the 5x Wind move)
- Rush Attack (was it Rush Attack? anyway, it's the 5x SpAtk Fighting move)

Generally, Red Emblem PAya should be around Lv.90+. This way she can outspeed everything. There's no need to use items either, as she'll just one-hit KO everything (unless you get hit with the occasional critical hit, or you're under-leveled).

For farming levels, all I do is:
Yuki -> Mai -> Yumeko -> Gap to Makai -> Repeat

Only Kokoro can withstand a hit from PAya with that moveset, and iirc PAya can withstand a hit from Kokoro as well, so it's okay.

And there's no need to fight Shinki, as PAya can't solo it. Unless you're farming some money off of her.
Title: Re: Elite 4 Rematch farming
Post by: KuroShinki on December 20, 2015, 01:51:01 PM
Wow, thanks!

Gonna try soloing with Aya then. If that works, I can farm 5 puppets!

And here I'm praying that the save will be compatible with the next patch...

EDIT: Works flawlessly! On to grinding like mad now.