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Title: Konngara
Post by: Doesnt on November 22, 2012, 03:21:52 AM

Type: Steel
Ability: Sturdy or Pressure
Base Stats: 90 HP, 120 Attack, 65 Defense, 70 Special Attack, 135 Special Defense, 70 Speed

Toxic Stall
Item: Leftovers
Ability: Pressure
Nature: Careful (+SpDef, -SpAtk)
EVs: 252 HP, 252 SpDef, 4 Def
-Drawn Line

wow what is this guy doing writing an analysis he doesn't know anything about the metagame

With 90/135 special bulk, fully invested Konngara is one of the hardest things in the game to kill with unboosted special attacks. To give you an idea of how resilient she is:

Modest Helper Eirin Aqua Shower (full health): 34-41%
Timid Advent Reisen Energy Ball: 38-45%
Timid Speed Yorihime Fire Blast: 40-47%
Modest Dark Alice Hyper Beam w/Mistress Outfit: 42-49%
Modest 252 SpAtk Speed Sariel +1 Energy Ball: 69-82%

I still wouldn't leave her in on the latter two, but you get the idea- she's very hard to kill. The investment is crucial to surviving these blows however- tempting as it may be to patch up Kon's subpar physical Defense or ramp up her Attack, it will leave her open to hits that she should be able to take, namely non-STAB Fire Blasts and Energy Balls from strong attackers.

The moveset is straightforward: Toxic is, despite Kon's nice 120 base attack, how you will be doing most of your damage. Recover is vital to preserving her for the duration of a match and stalling for more Toxic damage. Strength lets you smack Steels trying to absorb Toxic or Drawn Line(you could run Brick Break, but screens are uncommon and the chance of getting an Attack boost can be helpful). Drawn Line is STAB and does respectable damage even uninvested.

Other Options
Kon's shallow movepool has a few other options, but they aren't very good. Braver hits harder than Drawn Line but is much less reliable and has a meager 8 PP- with no boosting moves to speak of and 70 Speed, I don't see offensive Konngara sweeping anything. Coerce coupled with Pressure lets you quickly drain PP, but this is unreliable in Gen 3 and spamming Recover is safer- most of the moves you'll be stalling are 8 PP moves anyway. Rock Tomb lets you hit Miasmas super-effectively for slightly less damage than neutral STAB Drawn Line. Seismic Toss does fixed damage, but unless you're up against Yuugenmagan or something an uninvested Drawn Line is good enough. Taunt is mediocre coming off 70 base Speed in an environment where it only lasts one turn anyway, and isn't needed to stall-break against recovery moves due to Toxic's increasing damage. Poison Jab lets Konngara punish Star Sapphire, but barring Refresh or Substitute they're just as scared of Toxic, and isn't really worth a moveslot since it doesn't work on Steels. Gunk Shot is just plain silly.

Team Support
Konngara hates physical moves- having something that can take them well, such as Kikuri, Magic Stones, Helper Star, or Defense Tenshi is appreciated. Due to her ability to force switches, Spikes and Rapid Spin support is also important. Unlike other walls Konngara doesn't absolutely require Aromatherapy support, thanks to her Toxic immunity, but her partners on a stall team probably will.

As a special wall the list of things that can counter Konngara is vast- two of the biggest threats are Yumeko in OU and Sakuya in UU. Both of the maids are immune to Toxic, weak to none of Kon's viable moves, and can use the free turn to put Spikes down- the former can cripple her with STAB Pursuit (uninvested does 46-55% if she switches, fully invested does 63-74%), while the latter threatens to either Swords Dance or freeze something with Luna Dial, which is tricky to resist in UU. Sturdy Steel types, such as Attack Suwako and Youmu, can come in on Toxic and Drawn Line and threaten with a physical SE move, but must be wary of taking a Strength on the switch. Yamame forms can take physical attacks and Toxic all day and threaten with Earthquake, Spikes and Tailwind. Extremely powerful special attackers can sometimes overwhelm Konngara- Attack Murasa in Rain can 2HKO with Hydro Pump if Konngara does anything other than Recover. Mokou forms can Recover off any damage Konngara's non-STAB attacks do, can hamper Kon's walling abilities with Will-o-Wisp or kill her with Flare Blitz, and because of Natural Cure aren't afraid of Toxic.

Pretty much any half-decent physical attacker that isn't weak to Steel can check Konngara. The tricky part is getting it in without taking Toxic.
Title: Re: Konngara
Post by: joshcja on July 07, 2014, 03:04:29 PM
Credit to ZNova for the original idea behind this set modification.

Konngara @ Leftovers
Ability: Pressure
EVs: 252 HP/184 Def/74 SpDef
Careful nature (+SpDef,-SpAtk)
- Braver/Draw The Line
- Poison Jab/Haze
- Recover
- Strength

"Standard" mixed bulk Kongarra. Lives stupid shit like Yumeko superpower, adamant TAya HJK (after 2 layers of spikes!), and refuses to be put into useless range by AdMokou's pursuits (This actually matters I swear) all while maintaining enough special bulk to check the shit that she can actually handle (AdRasin, Ymemi, Magic Stones, etc)

I've dropped toxic entirely because Konngara is a litteral magnet for natural cure or simply toxic immune mons. P jab fucks up the star forms and Dkags, Haze allows you to completely shut down SLB, magic stones, bulkier baton passers ((T/D)Hatate), and more.

Braver VS DTL is a debate that ends with the following sage words for many a team "Braver actually kills Aya forms"... In Braver we trust, amen. (Not really its piss acc so if you can handle aya forms elsewhere just slap on DTL)

TL:DR: A Mixed wall spread on Kon fixed up her tendency to die horribly to pursuit trapping and give up free turns to shit she should be walling via typing while retaining "most" of her special bulk.
Title: Re: Konngara
Post by: ZXNova on July 07, 2014, 07:05:27 PM
And if you really hate Aya forms, give your Konngara is a bold nature! (Actually it doesn't matter, it's better to be careful.)
Title: Re: Konngara
Post by: Doesnt on July 08, 2014, 02:51:39 AM
too lazy to elegantly fix OP but I agree with pretty much all of that- current meta is too lunarian-heavy for toxic stall.

a side note on braver/draw the line is that the former has painfully low PP, especially if pressuremons start swapping in.
Title: Re: Konngara
Post by: joshcja on July 08, 2014, 08:21:59 AM
too lazy to elegantly fix OP but I agree with pretty much all of that- current meta is too lunarian-heavy for toxic stall.

a side note on braver/draw the line is that the former has painfully low PP, especially if pressuremons start swapping in.

Everything is more powerful on the moon filthy earthling!

Also DTL is far from unusable I just value killing fucking birds.