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Title: Touhoumon JP: Wind - Electric Schism Data
Post by: SoulfulLex on April 18, 2015, 07:05:15 AM
With most of the attention being paid to TPDP and its eventual yet inevitable Translation, it's easy to forget that there are still some hackers that work on Touhou Puppet Play the rom-hack. One version in particular that caught my eye and eventually inspired me to work on Gaiden is the Kaze Denki Bunri patch (風タイプから電気を分離, currently at version 1.892), a Japanese Touhoumon hack that originally started with the separation of the Wind and Electric Types and has come to incorporate battle elements seen in the latest Pokémon games (save for a Fairy-type).

Since I believe that this version will never be translated, I figured I'd at least translate the documentation that the patch comes with, mainly to see what others have done for their games (and in the event someone would like to try the patch and not stumble through Moon Runes as much).

Wind Electric Separation Data ver. 1.892 (

The Spreadsheet Translation is pretty large; it includes the Moves Table, TM Compatibility, Level-Up / Egg Movesets, the "new" Type Chart, and Puppet Stats (includes Base Stats, Abilities, Evolution Tree, Effort Values, and Held Items). To save you the time of looking, you'll probably notice that the DDC characters are not present outside the Puppet Stats table, mainly because the hacker includes them in a separate text file that I don't feel like translating for the time being (I'll probably include it in a Pastebin later). Should an update occur later on, I'll be sure to include any changes, if any are made.

Update: There are some text files to take note of:

I've discussed this in another thread on the forum, but you can find the patch here. (